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Majestic Drama
Instrumentals with Hooks
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If you've never been here before: I am a keyboardist and sometime sessionist pottering away at my first solo writing and production project which goes by the name Big Wheel, and was born in February 2006. It's a broad range of uplifting and musical electronica styles guaranteed to make your ears happy.

I had my first piano lesson in 1980, and my last in 1983. I saw my first real synthesiser in 1985 and started multitracking using multiple tape recorders. In 1987 I had my first go in a studio with a sequencer, and have never looked back.

I spent almost nine years as keyboardist for Indie-rock band Tin Gods (, and have been working as writer/engineer/producer/collaborator at the Buzzstation studio in Fleetwood, Lancashire for some years.

Big Wheel is my first solo project, started in 2006 as more of a technical exercise than anything, but which has quickly developed into something I have become very fond of. It's a mix of electronica styles, DnB, house, lounge, trip-hop, chillout , all piano heavy, and more recently featuring some of my guitar work as well. I've done two albums, 'Rollin' and 'The Difficult Second', and am currently working on the third: 'Ergosphere'.

That's it. I hope you like the tunes, and I am open to anything anyone has to say to me about them so please drop me a line at and let me know what you think. Cheers for your attention.

Dave (BigWheel)
Why this name?
I am neither big, nor round, so it's ironic.
Do you play live?
I have just parted company with my band of eight years, tin gods: we were an indie rock outfit and I was the keyboardist.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Time for the revolution, baby. More power to independent musicians I think, and a fairer scoring of the whole thing. By which I mean that as corporate managing of music trends lessens, it becomes more possible for musicians to achieve success purely on the grounds of merit and resonance with the audience, which is what it should always have been about.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yeah, as I have young to provide for. I'm not so principled that I won't obey my fathering instinct
Your influences?
Direct influences for these pieces: Morcheeba, High Contrast, London Electricity, Pendulum, Adam F, Jonny L, Zero 7, Boards of Canada, Moby etc.
More generally, I am influenced by all sorts of different stuff, from ELO to Depeche Mode to Blackburn Rave music, Belgian Techno, Swiss harp music, anything rich. I like anything where you can tell that it has been done for it's own sake.
Favorite spot?
Poulton le Fylde, a jewel at the heart of Britain's best county, Lancashire, if hearts were situated near the coast and look like towns.
Equipment used:
A PC. Cubase SX & plug-ins. Wavelab.
Ensoniq ASR10 and E-Mu Proteus Keys.
Anything else...?
Look, right, I don't do this for fun you know.

No, wait, sorry.

I do this for fun you know, but that doesn't mean I don't want you to listen to it, as it's serious fun we're talking here. I always take my fun seriously. My tuna = SRSBSNS.

Serious business, if by serious I mean jolly, and uplifting, and sunshiney, and joyous without the taint of religion, which I do, because it is.

Whatever. Listen to it. It's the quickest way to get to know me, if by some miracle you're even remotely interested in a complete stranger possibly from the other side of the world making tunes in a sea of people making tunes.

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