Misses and Mystery
NEWS   Misses and Mystery's latest eCD, "Songs From Dark Waters" includes music inspired by and featured in the Neverwinter Nights 2-based game Dark Waters (available from Neverwinter Vault). For the month of August, we are offering the album as a free download as a gift to our true fans (and fans of the computer game).
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play hi-fi  Calico Jack's Drinking Problem
play hi-fi  Maid Of The Underwave
play hi-fi  And Haul And Haul
play hi-fi  Maiden Faire
play hi-fi  Iron Mountain Lament
play hi-fi  Black-Eyed Susan
play hi-fi  Last Call At The Black Spot Instrumental
play hi-fi  Soon Return To Me
play hi-fi  Tea With The Chronomancer (And Me) Instrumental
play hi-fi  The Battle Of Highcliff Instrumental
Misses and Mystery is the songwriting/performing partnership of Rob Veith (vocals, guitar, bass, and programming) and Eshinee Smallwood (vocals, percussion, and keyboards). They have performed together as part of other bands and have released three albums independently. Diverse in their musical influences and erudite in their songwriting, a typical Misses and Mystery album features a mix of traditional folk, psychedelic rock, and jazzy improvisation.