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King Author
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play hi-fi  Killed or be Killed
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play hi-fi  King Author and Darkstar Ft. S.Jones-Cannon
play hi-fi  S Jones Ft. I.D. and King Author- Straight Beastin
play hi-fi  4 Pulls and Pass
play hi-fi  Hardbody sh*** ft. Darkstar and Kabz
play hi-fi  John and Paul Prod by Engineer
play hi-fi  Defining The Best (Open Collab)
play hi-fi  Everything I'm Writin prod by Nasty Chopz
The story of King Author begins at the age of 15 when he was introduced to hip hop as in art form by way of B-Boying. While B-Boying he and a friend developed in an interest in DJing from listening to mixtapes that they would break to. So they both invested in some cheap turntables and a cheap sampler. As the B-Boy scene started dying out Author took more and more to the turntable and samplers. He started entering competitions and making little mixtapes for himself and his friends. Author started to have a respectable amount of records and little by little started to make a little recording spot in his room which eventually was called Camelot. For some reason Author started to get drawn to the microphone and started freestyling. As he seen that he started getting better he started to go around, find out who rapped, and battled them. As his confidence in his skills increased he formed a squad with 2 other local cats Open Response(now known as ManyIdeaz), and Truform called I.R.S.(Internal Rhyme Surgeons). King Author also brought in a fourth member named Tap Out, which he had a long rivalry with, and put him down with the crew. In that time they hit up radio shows performed, went to competitions and and started to make a small name for themselves. They also put DJ Turnament down to DJ the live shows. As time when the group dissolved in which only Tap Out and King Author remained. Author and Tap Out formed Beyond Measure and with another group called the R.A.M.S. they formed the C.A.D.E.T.S. In 2004 he oversaw Tap Out's mixtape (D.E.MO.) and guest appeared on two tracks. Then in 2005 the whole C.A.D.E.T.S. put out the"Warren Report" Mixtape which featured all the members. Now in 2006, King Author is prepping to release some more great music and is currently hard at work on his new Mix CD called the "Pulitzer Prize " Set to be released Feb. 17th
Why this name?
Cause I'm the king of all authors.
Do you play live?
none of your buisiness kid.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
in a double edged sword sort of way
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Favorite spot?
Ham Town and Mass Ave.
Equipment used:
Cheap ones but I'm nasty so it doesn't matter.
Anything else...?
Buy my mixtape Feb.17th