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Acoustic Guitar Based HipHop With Some Pop Sprinkled On It. Radiokiller.
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Welcome world! We represent for the Lord Jesus Christ, lovers of good music, and our hometown- P.G.County, MD. Soul Freedom Music is the production arm of C.U.R.E. Inner-attainment, an independent Christian record label.

Soul Freedom's main producer is Sho_Tyme but you can also occasionally find some heat being produced by partner Ricochet.
Why this name?
Soul Freedom is not just a name but a way of life. Romans 8:1 says that ..."the law of Spirit and life and set me free from the law of sin and death"- hence, Soul Freedom.
Do you play live?
We also rhyme, so yes we do play live. The most special moment we have had is when as the rap group The Cure, we got to warm the stage for The Cross Movement ( @ Impact 2000 in Atlanta, GA. Another big moment was our first "big" show when we opened up for Virtue. I also met Jay Cameron at this event(former radio host and now pastor, who later mentored me at times.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet rocks for independent musicians. However, mp3's don't help the music industry because of the quality of the files. Listeners get used to hearing substandard audio quality but for the size it takes up, or lack thereof, it's a cool payoff.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I don't think we would sign with one of the "5 majors" but would consider entering into a P&D deal with a label much larger than ours.
Your influences?
Ricochet- Well, i like a whole lot of stuff but i grew up listening to Hip-Hop and Go-Go. Stevie Wonder influences me, as well as The Cross Movement, Enyaphace, The Roots, Musicsoulchild, and a host of others. I'm not sure if that comes across in my production style, but i'll leave that up to you.
Favorite spot?
I'm lovin Nashville right now!
Equipment used:
Yamaha Motif
Fruity Loops
Anything else...?
I record my vocals through a Rode NT1A as well as using Pro Tools 6.7 on pc and 7.0 on Mac to mix and do some sequencing.
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