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Adam 'EFC' TurcZack
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Make It Worthwhile (PARTYNEXTDOOR x Kehlani)
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This is OleMurder of Wicked WiZardZ ( -, acting on behalf of artist Adam 'EFC' TurcZack, as some kind of tempory net-manager. The tributes to StarCraft/Fallout, other games, will be placed here, as well as these are free, not to sale, and in no way directly cooperated with Interplay/Blizzard, and the vocals used in the songs are credited to their rightful owners as belongings, Interplay, therefore not to sale as we cannot charge for copyrighted material. Therefore those are free.
Why this name?
Because it's my name?
Do you play live?
Mostly in Poland.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Adam 'EFC' TurcZack didn't want to comment this thing.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I am already. S.P-Rekords.
Band History:
Oh, he have always has a story to tell from time to time...not just now. Long story, I guess.
Your influences?
"Mesh", "De/Vision", "Ennio."
Favorite spot?
I guess it's Poland.
Equipment used:
Syntheziers, keyboards, computers, etc.
Anything else...?
A chap called Monosex is his cousin, they made a song in 1996 called The Zenek Fighters, when Adam was 14 years old.
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