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*R&B/Hiphop banger* Panties On The Floor (w/ hook)
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"TRUDRU IS GOING PLACES, AND WILL BE THE NEXT BIG THING!!!!" said 80% of who herd my Cd. The other 20% said that s*** is raw, son.
I was born in LaGrang, IL in 1986 and growing up loving music and wanting to make it.... i didn't stop until i did. now i wont stop until i'm herd and all across this planet......until then enjoy and believe in your self no matter what, and never give up one your dreams!!!
and just be TRU.....
Why this name?
cause it's true that i'm Drew
Do you play live?
Yes, in ashwille & brevard, NC. it's my life, i love it
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
alot more people here your sh*** alot quicker !
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Hell yeah !!!!
Band History:
I'm solo but i've been producing nd raping for at least 5 years
Your influences?
I like alot for music but i most enjoy R&B like R.kelly and T-dub but all music influences me ...
Favorite spot?
in da studio on the motif6 making beats for I.T and myself.
Equipment used:
fruity loops, reason, and motif6 on beats and to record a 8 channel Roland and a 24 channel tascam
Anything else...?
thank u Jesus for making human kind !!1 and to all enjoy my music or any type of music. also Plan-z, dub craze a.k.a REARFORM yawl like brothers to me man. also Lady laine for watching out for me and T-dub who tought me everything i know about beatmaking and been there like a pop for me, also my family for keeping it true. I love u Mary !!!
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