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Musically Mr M
NEWS   Musically Mr M is in the process of putting together a sampler of Gospel/spiritual music from the Roanoke Valley entitled "Sounds Of The Roanoke Valley" This promises to be a very ambituous and exciting project worth listening to so keep your ears open for future announcements about this endeavor
We also appears live on the 1st Friday Night in December at The Acoustic Open Jam at Halifax Community College sponsored by WZRU-88.5.

I'm looking for some colaborative projects and studio gigs. We CAN DO. Call Us.

Production is under way for the new Indie Gospel Album from Dorothy Mitchell. The promos are being played all over Southeast NC and the Raleigh and Winston-Salem areas. We are really excited! Produced by Musically Mr M Prod. Updates to follow.

The Stingerz Band and Revue is looking for a bassit/guitarist. If you are versatile and diverse and live in the Northeastern part of NC or Southside Va. and you want perform with a new and exciting show band, contact me via e-mail at amcleodiii@earthlink.net or by phone at (252)903-4844. Looking to hear from you!
Chance For Our Love
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New Country tune
Mid West
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Hi! This Musically Mr M and I am pleased to be celebrating 6 years as member of the SoundClick Community. I feel that as SoundClick has grown, so have we. We appreciate everyone's support, the thousands of listeners and the many fan's and friends that visit us here at SoundClick. My music is a collage of all the influences that have created me and my sound. Musically Mr M is also a production think tank for several other artist including The Stingerz Band And Revue (R&B, Beach Music and Country), Dorothy Mitchell (Gospel Artist), Coletta Edwards (Nu-Gospel Artist) and others. I simply want to provide your ears with quality music from the heart and soul. So, come along and take a listen.......with Musically Mr M.
Why this name?
I choose this name simply because I'm a musician speaking as a musician and am a third generation of a very musical family. The name, "Musically Mr M" seemed to fit the bill. : )
Do you play live?
Yes I play live quite a bit regionally. We are located in Northeastern NC and play the Virginia Area, DC, and the Carolinas. I like the exposure of being on stage and listeners hearing your voice, your soul and interacting with you through your music.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I still believe that the most evident aspect of mp3 is that it gives you an opportunity to be heard by a vast audience in a quick, cost-effective way. You are being heard without the usual pigeon-holing found in the traditional recording arena. I myself am not in this for the money at all but want to get back to music for music sake. Putting a quality sound out in an affordable way that everyone can get at with minimal cost. It seems that the industry is moving away from an Aural art to a more visual, multi-media platform. But for most of us, I still feel that "the ears have it" and our focus is the warmth of an almost Analog sound of the past. The internet/mp3 allows us to freely distribute our music to the masses without the stigma or pigeonholing that the mainstream industry presents.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I would be willing to entertain that idea but only with a label that can handle my musical needs and the needs of my very diverse, ecclectic audience.
Band History:
I've been doing something musical since age 5. I am a multi -instrumentalist who writes, arranges and produces a wide range of musical styles from bluegrass (seriously) to Hip-Hop. Good music has no boundaries and my audiences have been somewhat eclectic, musician's musicians. I've done a lot of regional studio work, club gigs, even the circus, beach music-you name it, I've done it. Now, I'm simply bridging the gap and blurring the boundaries of what good music should be. I am trying to evoke a return of the tasteful, laid-back, In-The Pocket grooves that seems to missing in a lot of Genre-driven music today. Outside the radar of the record industry, there are many of us out here remember and perpetuate the music of our youth. The sensitivity and creativity in words and songs are what shape the music we set out to produce.
Your influences?
Diverse and many. : ) Motown Artist, Stax Sounds, Steve Cropper, Otis Redding, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Larry Carlton, Earl Klugh, Bob James, Keb Mo', B.B. King----Just too many influences to name.
Favorite spot?
In my home and my studio. My muse comes alive and my soul simply goes into overdrive. I'm a North Carolina native and "I Like Calling North Carolina Home" .
Equipment used:
I use an array of stuff including-

Guitars and Basses (Fender Stratocasters, Telecasters, Les Pauls, Samicks, JB Player) I like odd-ball, off brand guitars. They have lot's more charecter.

Keyboards (Roland XP 80, Alpha Juno S-2 S-50; Ensoniq KT-88, ESQ-1; Yamaha W7)

Tama Drums

Recording Gear-Tascam Digital/Analog Recorders, Alesis and Behringer Effects

Amps-Fender, Line 6 and Carr- guitar, SWR- Bass, and Yorkville Amps; Keyboards

Anything else...?
For people who are in search of "Good Music" (whatever that is) that touches the soul and still evokes deep feeling, this is the ticket. I keep it simple and in the pocket so take a listen and tell me what you think.

I am available projects/collaborations of all types. I love to gig on smaller venues. (Lot more intimate surroundings) If you'd like to hear me live, contact me at :

Bookings-McLeod Music Services
174 Graystone St.
Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870
email me personally at:
amcleodiii@earthlink.net and visit the Homepage http://www.imusicscene.com/archie_mcleod_iii/
Me and Morgan
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