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On the leading edge of technology with their virtual musician, “AL,” Element 115 is a rock show enjoyed by all generations of music lovers.

Incorporating the best aspects of classic rock, and visual and computer technology of the 21st Century, this act lifts spirits and re-affirms self-empowerment with clearly understood lyrics and harmonies, reminding the listeners of everyone’s inherent power and capability to improve humanity with their thoughts and daily actions.

You’ve never seen anything like an Element 115 show!
Why this name?
Element 115 is the fuel for interstellar spacecraft (see web site for more info at www.Element115theband.com)
Do you play live?
They play all over Phoenix. They LOVE to rock for big audiences!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It is a great opportunity to provide clips of your songs to the world at very low cost. It has also changed the way money is made in the industry. It used to be that cheap tickets led to big record sales. Now, excitement from copyright-violating downloads requires sky-high ticket prices to bring the act to the public. The money has to be made somewhere to get the band to the stage and provide some kind of living to those who write it.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
As long as the contract was satisfactory to the band, yes.
Band History:
ELEMENT 115 started out as an all original band in 1995. They wanted to entertain large crowds more than original music in Phoenix allowed, so they also became a cover band. Element 115 does many songs that most bands won't touch because they have 3 lead vocalists who harmonize like no other rockers...well, okay, the Eagles are good, too.
Your influences?
Influences include Boston, Doobie Brothers, Def Leppard, Grand Funk, Styx, and other rockers with keyboards in their line-up for the covers, and Boston, Thin Lizzy, and the truth of Rage Against the Machine is apparent in the originals.
Favorite spot?
Phoenix and Las Vegas
Equipment used:
We have no "back line" as we run everything through our rack and into the PA whether we're live or recording. That way we always sound great!

Guitars - Gibson Explorer and Flying V, with Roland VG-8 and GR-30, with leads kicked through a PODxtLive.

Bass - OLP 5-string

Keys - Roland, Roland, and Roland

Drums - "Al" has made his own set on his planet. You have to see the set and how he floats the cymbals in mid-air!

The band uses Sennheiser wireless systems for all vocals, the bass, and some guitars.
Anything else...?
For a show like you've NEVER seen before, visit the site and come to an Element 115 concert.( www.Element115theBand.com)
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