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Let Cha Freak Flag Fly - 'The Music Video'
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Uncle Lewie, along with his three brothers and identical twin sister are featured in this music video. The song is about working outside the box. Be sure to check out the 'outtakes' that did not make the video real on Uncle Lewie's You Tube Ch.
Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Uncle Lewie began his musical experience as a drummer/percussionist at age eight. At the age of 12, he was the drummer for Alpha, Gamma, Omega, a three-piece R&B/Funk/Rock band which consisted of two additional neighbors. While sitting behind the drum set playing at one of the band's gigs, Uncle Lewie was taken by the strong vibrations coming from the bass player's rig. He began teaching himself how to play the bass guitar and ended up playing bass live on some of the bands songs.

Uncle Lewie moved to Columbus, Ohio where he gained experience in the recording studio and toured with The Bishops of Columbus, Ohio, Soloist, Cardell Newton, Trinity of Toledo, Ohio and The Columbus, Ohio Chapter of the Gospel Music Workshops of America Choir. Uncle Lewie has accompanied national recording artist, Shirley Murdock with the Columbus, Ohio Bibleway Mass Choir, national recording artist Anointed, Mississippi Mass Choirs' Rev. Milton Biggham, Bob Bailey, gospel recording artist and former background vocalist for Dolly Parton, Derrick Lee, pianist and musical director for Bobby Jones Gospel and bassist for gospel artist, Quan Howell, composer/soloist with the Sounds of Blackness.

Uncle Lewie has not only performed with numerous local Columbus, Ohio, gospel groups and choirs he has performed with groups opening for national recording artist such as the late Rev. James Cleveland, The New Jersey Mass Choir, Rev. Milton Brunson and the Thompson Community Choir, The Richard Smallwood Singers, Commissioned, and Grammy award winners The Winans.

After relocating to Toledo, Ohio, where he presently resides, Uncle Lewie has performed with the local reggae band "Groovemaster." Uncle Lewie played keyboards and bass for the band. Known for their Lake Erie Roots Rock Reggae, the band has performed at the Dayton Third World Reggae Festival in Dayton, Ohio. Groovmaster has also opened for the world renowned Wailers.

Uncle Lewie has played bass for Epitome. The band has opened for nationally known acts and artist such as, Rare Earth, Gregory Hines and also performed at a reception following an appearance to the Glass City by Wayne Brady, The Alpha Cats, a Rock, Rhythm and Blues Quartet based out of Toledo and Bryan, Ohio, Not Your Basic Blues Band. The band has opened for the late great Legendary Blues Guitarist, Robert Lockwood, Jr., The Foundation of Funk, based out of Ypsilanti, Michigan, Toledo Ohio reggae band, Crucial, and local gospel group "Ushering."

He has also performed with Ann Arbor, Michigan's hiphopfolksinger, Chris Genteel, Toledo's Mista Dread & Kingston Dread, Northern Lights.

Since January 2005, Uncle Lewie has been playing bass for St. Martin de Porres Parish. Uncle Lewie also plays for Toledo First SDA Church's Connections Contemporary Service and some of their worship services.

Uncle Lewie can now be seen performing live with Toledo's own, East River Drive. This high energy band performs a variety of Top 40, R&B, Motown, Funk, and Disco at clubs, casinos, festivals, corporate functions, private functions, and weddings.

An active member of The Professional Musicians of Northwest Ohio, Local 15-286 ALF/CIO, Uncle Lewie is presently sequencing music which will be performed as a one-man band or with an additional vocalist/musicians in the near future.
Why this name?
Why Uncle Lewie? "Hey, that is who I am, at least to my nieces and nephews (lol). However, the name was also fitting because of my personality and the way I deal with others."
Do you play live?
Yes, I play live and love it. I play all over with different groups. It is best to get on the mailing list. That way, you will know what is happening. You can always catch me playing Saturday evenings at 5:00 PM at Toledo First SDA Church's Contemporary Service and every Sunday at St. Martin de Porres Parish for 10:30 AM Mass. Check the schedule here on SoundClick for all times and dates.

I have recently started using wireless IEM systems (In-Ear Monitors) and I love it. Thanks to Audio-Technica for the M3 IEM System and Westone for the Elite Custom Series IEM ear buds. Wow, I really hear things better now.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet has done a lot for the industry. Artist now have an avenue by which they can get their music out for others to listen to world wide.

Man, what a way to network. I have also met some really cool people within the business as a result of the internet. This is only the begining of better things to come in my opinion. This site is a fine example of just that.

I have received love from the following countries on this site as of today:

Canada; Germany; United Arab Emirates; China; Denmark; South Africa; France; The United Kingdom; The Philippines; Australia; Japan; The Netherlands; Poland; Hungary; Ireland; Korea; Singapore; Spain; Mexico; Israel; Sweden; Finland; Slovakia; Russia; Switzerland; Saudi Arabia; Portugal; Faroe Islands; Saint Kitts and Nevis; Brazil; Bulgaria; Taiwan; Estonia; Belgium; Indonesia; Malta; Czech Republic; Turkey; Venezuela; The Ukraine; Italy; Russia; Costa Rica; Chile; India; Viet Nam; El Salvador; Argentina Serbia and Montenegro; Hong Kong; Iran; Norway; Greece; Slovenia; Senegal; New Zealand, Morocco; Romania; Iceland; Kuwait; Croatia; Peru; Estonia; Egypt; Kazakhstan; Bangladesh; Senegal; Cyprus; Cote D' Ivoire; Jordan, Mongolia, and from all over The United States of America. Malaysia and The UK, thanks for all the love. I am truly feelin all of it.

**Make sure you visit Uncle Lewie's Official Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Uncle-Lewie/80693911111 and Offical My Space page at -> http://www.myspace.com/unclbass
Your influences?
Man, there are so many. Larry Graham, Prince, Bootsy Collins, Stanley Clarke, Malina Moye, George Moye, Champ Holland, Chuckii Booker, EQ, Marcus Miller, Rhonda Smith, Sheila E., Andrew Gouche', Jaco Pastorius, Cheryl "Unruly" Cooley, Lanar "Kern" Brantley, "Foley", T.M. Stevens, Freddie Washington, Jackie Clark, Nathan East, David Dyson, Wardell, Louis Johnson, Mark Harper, Rick Rigsby, Wayman Tisdale, Al Turner, Fred Hammond, Bill "The Buddha" Dickens, J.D. Blair, Jeff Jones, Michael T. Brown, Chuck Rainey, Victor L. Wooten and anybody else who is FUNKY!
Favorite spot?
When I am not working or performing, I love just being at home chillin with the family because of the hectic schedule I keep.

When time permits in the summer, I love sitting on my front porch or going to the beach. I can usually be found there sitting on a picnic table listening to my MP3 player, playing bass or my Fat Strat through my Tascam Bass Trainer or just reading bass and music magazines or my Bible.
Equipment used:
I use and endorse Hartke amps and cabinets. I use Hartke's Model 2500 and 5500 Amp with any combination of the following Hartke cabinets (depending on the need). 4.5XL, 410XL, 410TP and 2.5XL cabinets, Kickback 15 Bass Combo Amp, and Hartke's new HyDrive 115c Combo Amp. I use Hartke's Bass Attack Preamp as well. I also use Hartke's KM200 Keyboard Amp to power my keyboards and electronic percussion pad. I use Sabine's RT-1601 Rackmount Tuner, ST-1100 Auto Tuner, Hartke's HT20 Chromatic Tuner, Ibanez's MU30 Tuner Metronome, and the Korg GB1BK Plug In Tuner.

I also use and endorse Samson and Zoom products. I currently use Samson's 7Q Microphone, CL8 Multi-Pattern Condensor Microphone, AR-1/UT-1 Wireless Headset Microphone, Airline Wireless Bass Unit, PowerBrite (PB15) Lighting & Power Distributor, Airline wireless guitar & headset mic, Zoom's new B2.1u Bass Effect Pedal USB/Exp w/foot switch, H4 Handy Recorder and HD16 Hard Disk Recording Studio. I also use endorse Audio Technica products and currently use the 3M In-Ear Monitor System and the ATM75 Wired Headset Microphone. Westone UM2 and Custom ES3x Elite Series In-Ear Monitors.

I am very proud to use and endorse GHS Strings. I also use and endorse In Tune Guitar Picks. I use two Aria Pro II 5-string basses, (one is customized w/Musicman Pick-ups), 5-string MTD Kingston Series Heir bass, Ibanzez SR535PW 5-string bass, Ibanez GSR200PW 4-string piccolo bass, Ibanez TR300 4-string bass, customized 4-string Marcus Miller Fender Jazz, a customized Tune TWB63 6-string bass, and a NS Design Wav 4 double bass. I also have a Fender Fat Strat. I use and proudly endorse Reunion Blues Cases as well. I use Tascam's Bass Trainer, both CD and Mp3 trainers. I use and endorse electro-harmonix products and currently use their Dr. Q, Q-Tron, and the new V256 Vocoder. I also use and endorse Hercules Stands.

I use the Casio CTK-811EX keyboard, Roland XP-60, Korgs R3 Synth and Korg's Micro Korg keyboards. I sequence with Calk Walk Pro Audio 9. I endorse Rocktron Products and use Rocktron's Banshee Talkbox and Utopia B300 Unit.

I currently use Handz-On congas and bongos and the Roland SPD-S Sampling Percussion Pad. I use and endorse Custom Stix Drimsticks.

For transporting all of my gear from show to show, I use and endorse the V-Cart by Gruv Gear and use other Gruv Gear products.

Park Avenue Menswear of Lakeland, Florida. An official sponsor to Uncle Lewie

Mr. Bill Foley at German Village Music Haus, Columbus, Ohio, performs all of the work on my bass guitars. (Thanks Bill).






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In Tune




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Anything else...?
Check back to see where you can find Uncle Lewie performing "Live" with East River Drive, and others.

Love All, Worship One.
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