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Will Kriski
Beginner Bar Chords for Guitar
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12/20/06 @ 10:41 PM     post a comment
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How to play bar chords on the guitar using major and minor chord shapes so you can create any other major and minor chords up the neck.
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Hi, My name is Will Kriski and I'm an instrumental rock guitarist currently studying jazz as well. Looking forward to writing some good music and adding the jazz/fusion elements to my playing. Hope you like the music and can give me help as to what you like/dislike about the music and can help support my career in the music industry. Enjoy!
Why this name?
It's my name.
Do you play live?
Right now I play occasionally live at jazz school - not much market for live instrumental rock.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Internet has vastly improved the distribution capabilities of joe musician, plus technology has allowed for high quality cd's to be made cheaply. The missing piece is the marketing that record labels provide. That is, how do I get people to find my music on the internet?
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Sure - they provide great marketing opportunities.
Band History:
August 19, 2005 was my last day working in the corporate world. I finally found the courage to follow my passion - playing the guitar - at the age of 36. Let's back up a bit...

I started playing guitar at age 11 thanks to bands such as Iron Maiden, AC/DC and Ozzy Osbourne. However, as a studious youngster I managed to avoid sex, drugs and rock and roll. Instead, I obtained a Master's degree in Civil Engineering and worked for 4 years in the oil and gas industry. I then obtained a diploma in Object Oriented Software Technology and worked for about 5 years (once again for oil and gas-related businesses) where I started my own company and worked as an independent contractor. During my last IT contract I started taking jazz guitar lessons on the side and was inspired by local guitarist Ralf Buschmeyer to pursue further study. I'm currently studying at Mount Royal College in their Music Performance Diploma program in Jazz Studies.
Your influences?
Joe Satriani, Randy Rhoads, Yngwie Malmsteen, Wes Montgomery
Favorite spot?
I love Victoria, British Columbia
Equipment used:
I use Ibanez Guitars, Line 6 Pod XT, Audiophile soundcard and keyboard, and Cubase and Reason 3.0 for recording.