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Rick in San Diego 2013
Songwriting 101
Rick (left) with A.K.A. 1980's
Falling Thru The Cracks

I had a good friend a long time ago
He played drums in the band and put on quite a show
He'd play all night till the break of dawn
He never had a job, nobody cut him any slack
Hair was long and he liked it like that
Everything that man owned was in the trunk of his car

It's the same old story, sad but it's true
Had a house, a job and a family too
One day his castle of cards came crashing down
His wife ran away with a much younger man
He knew he'd never see her again
He lost everything in the fire, such a shame

He fell right thru those cracks, he will never be coming back
Now he's only a shadow in the light of the world
He fell right thru the cracks
A ball of fire and fade to black
But he'll be forever missing that girl

It's been quite a while since I've seen my old friend
I really couldn't say if he's alive or dead
I think he's playing with that big band in the sky
He taught me a lesson how to live for today
Everything we have can be taken away
And we're all stepping over those cracks till the day we die

2016 Rick Hansen
After They Have Gone
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Awarded a '2010 Top 500 Songs in the World' Billboard Magazine Honorable Mention. Original Version.