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Rick Hansen is an award winning songwriter/musician/producer from the United States currently writing and recording near San Francisco California. His songs have been featured on radio, digital media, records and in interviews all across the globe.

Please enjoy his latest wide release....

Hard Times

Well it's a hard time to be a workin man these days
Working longer hours for shorter pay
You got to keep on pushin, with just a little luck
Pay your bills have some fun and save a couple bucks
It's a hard time to be a workin man these days

it's a hard time to be a workin girl these days
Well you can work ten years and never see a raise
Then the boss she wants to see you and you know its nothing good
You'd like to tell her where to shove it if you only could
Hard times for a workin man

Monday morning oh no its just can't be
Monday morning your not a friend to me
Hey Friday evening wont you rescue me

So mothers tell your newborn kids so they will understand
They got to find a dream and hold it close
And ride it till the end
Working for a living ain't all it used to be
To make it in this world you need creativity
Hard times for a workin man
After They Have Gone
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04/02/12 @ 09:34 PM     1 comment
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Awarded a '2010 Top 500 Songs in the World' Billboard Magazine Honorable Mention. Original Version.