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Although Katelyn Dawn hails from a small town, her ambitions guided her towards the big city. Armed with courage, talent and determination, she made the trek to Toronto as a 19-year-old woman from Manitoba with a guitar, a collection of original songs, and a temperamental Dodge Caravan lovingly nicknamed the “deathmobileâ€쳌.

At 20 she is moving forward with her music career with a new EP after having spent a year exploring the road towards independence. Though there have been many roadblocks heartbreak and hardships, Katelyn has never taken her eye off of that final destination, which is to bring an honest heartfelt message to all you amazing fans through catchy melodies and thought provoking lyrics.

Says Katelyn: “I really just want to be able to create music that I am proud of, and that other people can relate to. Being on stage and having an audience feel my songs along with me is the biggest high I could imagine, after all, music is the only thing that connects strangers on such an intimate level.â€쳌

With a new EP on the horizon, a Discovery Channel Showcase, and a top 4 girls spot from Canadian Idol under her belt, Katelyn Dawn has never been in such an exciting position! Her career is about to take flight and the possibilities are endless!
Why this name?
I go by my name Katelyn Dawn
Do you play live?
I have played across Canada and in Europe. A special opportunity I had was to be on Canadian Idol. It gave me a chance to get exposure across Canada to millions of people. I also was chosen to perform at MIDEM in France - the world's largest music conference.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It makes music more accessible to more people and it also gives unknown artists an equal opportunity to get their music out there.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes I would
Band History:
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Your influences?
KT Tunstall, Feist, Michelle Branch, Jewel, Chantal Kreviazuk, Sarah McLachlan, and Sheryl Crow
Favorite spot?
Toronto (so far). I hope to get down to Nashville & LA this year, so we'll see what my opinion is then.
Equipment used:
Official Canadian Idol Photo
Katelyn Dawn opens for Tom Cochrane
Katelyn Dawn opens for Tom Cochrane
Canadian Idol Top 12 Girls
performance in Belleville, ON
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