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play hi-fi  You Don't Want to Be Here Anymore
play hi-fi  Why
play hi-fi  The Meltdown
play hi-fi  Better Hold On Tight (Song For Bec)
play hi-fi  Prison
play hi-fi  Some Days
play hi-fi  Let Me Love You Girl
play hi-fi  Break You Down
play hi-fi  What Will You Do Without Me Babe?
play hi-fi  End of the Innocence
Original tunes by a songwriter in Canada - guitar-driven rock music with an "alternative" edge - whatever that means these days!

Hopefully you'll find a few worthwhile tunes here.

For my more acoustic/country music, please check out:
Sad Hill Cemetery

for my garage band project, please click on:
A Cry of Hounds

Why this name?
Believe it or not, I had this name before the Tragically Hip used it on an album...
Do you play live?
Used to, and likely will again! Please see the "A Cry of Hounds" page.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
there's a world of talent out there that we would not hear, if not for the internet. It's the great leveler. Unfortunately, everyone can make music now...and some of it ain't that good! Oh well...
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
They don't want me I checked...
Your influences?
Ramones, Clash, R.E.M., JCMosquito, Pistols, Go-Go's, Johnny Cash, Son Volt, The Monkees, Green on Red, Long Ryders, Dream Syndicate, Uncle Tupelo, Rain Parade, Hoodoo Gurus, Elvis Costello, XTC, man there's a lot and I'm tired of typing!
Equipment used:
Computer, N-Tracks recording software (highly recommended and inexpensive); Godin, Eastwood, Fender and a newer Rickenbacker 620 electric guitars; Norman acoustic guitar; beautiful Fender Jazz; fake Rickenbacker bass - very old and hard to play...I love it! Behringer PA and mixer; VOX tube amp, Boss VOX guitar effects processing unit, Ludwig vintage Lucite drums and a desire to get better on percussion; Mics, assorted other devices.