Balalaika Village
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play hi-fi  Waltz of the Electric Squid
play hi-fi  Santos
play hi-fi  Peppas Pippas Poppas
play hi-fi  Dance Grasshoppa Dance
play hi-fi  Gazzo
play hi-fi  Fishing Purple
play hi-fi  Cows in the Meadows
play hi-fi  Trance of the Gladiators
play hi-fi  Dragon Slayer
play hi-fi  Duel of the Grasshoppers
A Balalaika, once lost in a contemporary music store, was found by a muse thousands of years old himself, and it was good, and it sounded fine, and it had voices of the centuries within itself, waiting for a moment to express themselves. NOW in a studio where these inconsolable spirits can be recorded as they eminate from the body of the mighty Balalaika as it becomes energized. They are here presented anew with a sonic pallette not equalled anywhere or by any means.....
Why this name?
it sounds like a village playing a balalaika
Do you play live?
Miami Florida USA
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
absoslutely! it lets more people hear new music easier
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
Started in 2004 where it nestled, was nurtured and kept warm and fuzzy until the hatching of wonderful works of sonic amazement
Your influences?
BB KIng, Chuck Berry, LIttle Richard, YES, AC/DC, CLASH, stray cats, blondie, link wray, classic, yanni, rock, acoustic, medieval, russian, slavic, chechnya, romania, germany, france, japan, jazz, quincy jones, george benson, ELO
Favorite spot?
los angeles
Equipment used:
balalaika, korg prophcy, yamaha ry30 percussion controller, kawaii k1
Anything else...?
if Chuck Berry would have russian and had ELO for backup, this would have been their sound!
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