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Larry Holder
NEWS   Debut album! "Til Jesus Is All" now available.
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play hi-fi  Til Pondering Turns To Praise
play hi-fi  I've Died and Gone to Starbucks
play hi-fi  More Than A Child
play hi-fi  Til Jesus Is All
play hi-fi  All Of My Heart
play hi-fi  The Cross and The Crown
play hi-fi  He Brings The Sunshine
play hi-fi  Tuyo Soy (I Am Yours)
play hi-fi  My All-In-All
play hi-fi  A New Covenant
I'm a Christian singer/songwriter, sharing my music since my salvation in 1972. I currently also collaborate with others via the Internet, particularly with Elton Smith, Steve Israel, Tom Lascoe, and Paul Gentry [Azimuth].
Why this name?
I write and perform under my own name. You may see me credited or listed under either my full legal name (Lawrence Keith Holder) or my nickname (Larry Holder). Generally when I collaborate, I use my shorter nickname. If you search the Internet you will find a few other Larry Holder's, but I don't think there's another one involved in Christian songwriting to confuse me with.
Do you play live?
I play concerts by invitation. Most are on Sunday evenings as an alternative to a regular church service. Email me if interested in hosting a concert!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It's great for self-publishing, and for songwriting collaborations.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
If the right offer came along. But in the meantime, I'm through with letting the songs sit on the shelf gathering dust... I want folks to find them, hear them, and be blessed by them, with or without a major label behind them.
Band History:
Writing and playing original Christian songs since 1972.
Your influences?
I've been compared to Michael Card, which I consider to be quite an honor.
Favorite spot?
Lake Louis in Alberta, Canada.
Equipment used:
I sequence with MIDI quite a bit. Cakewalk Home Studio, and Midisoft, plus some Band In A Box. Also use Power Tracks Pro Audio from
Anything else...?
Visit my website!
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