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I love digital music composition. It is my hobby.
I can listen to a lot of music kinds but, as an unsigned and free creator I prefer making music with soft melody lines, rich chord progression and orchestration. I usually work alone in my poor home studio. Sometimes, there are "guest stars" working with me if there are vocals.
There is no reason for me to spend money on advertising , in fact I have no , my projects are totally free for download and personal use !
I try with my music to touch melodic lines rather than to achieve strength and power.
So, I hope you like my projects.
Why this name?
"fanisatt" is (almost) my real name.
Do you play live?
I play live in my home. When I was young enough I was playing keyboard in small bands. I have an old Casio organ and a newer EMU XBOARD.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It affects the industry , but I believe , it is very early for conclusions because internet has a lot of dimensions.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I am not so talented....Anyway , anyone could think about it , but ....till then , let me make anything I want freely.
Band History:
One man band ......
I have two main problems.
Sometimes my wife wants to kill basic members of my band! It' ok, no blood , no police till now....
I mean than she wants to destroy my poor computer and other musical equipment , because I spend a lot of hours in my home studio. So I use successfully a variety of "rescue plans". Thanks GOD. I am still alive in my home studio.
The second problem is about the vocals recording.
Every time I want to record vocals , I have to turn off the TV and I must put ...... in the mouth of my dog a big bone !
I try to make the recording very late in the night.....working like the vampires and Buffy the slayer...because, there are no car noises , no children voices.... The nature is so quiet ......
I also have to beg my wife to be absolutely quiet and this is the most difficult part of the entire "recording preparation".
What a band history !!!!
Your influences?
Easy Listening,Mood music, Pop - Rock - World and Classic music.
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
1. A fast PC 2. Soundcards : Waveterminal 192 L - SB Live (for midi) 3. Keyboards : Casio - EMU 4. Software : Sequencers, samplers, vst instruments - softsynths etc
Anything else...?
What else ? An earthquake or something ? Economical crisis is enough now.
good bye
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