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princess eldi
NEWS   Whimwise going on German Autumn Tour 2009

12.09.09 Eich Kult Festival
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play hi-fi  2010 The Angels
play hi-fi  snow white
play hi-fi  spring (Tribute to the Giants)
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Hans-G?nter Boddin is musician, composer of Princess Eldi and Hyperions Fate.

I am musician (mainly guitar), melodist (?!!) and composer.

Hyperionsfate as a Cyberband with Renate Methoefer (Holland) was founded nov. 2006. Songs on Its barock-like stuff with lots Bach influences.

Starting guitar with 9y with Cream, Hendrix, Beach Boys, then Pink Floyd, Steamhammer. Taste, Mid 70th., Enid, King Crimson, Genesis, Yes, Rundgren, Gentle Giant, Morricone, Shostakovitch, Bax , V. Williams, Walton, Bach, Elgar and others. autodidact. My Songs here are to a certain extend adhoc jams, just longer samples and not prof. complete productions.


My private PrincessEldi myspace:

Renate Meth?fer and me:

Elisabeth Middleton:

Smidi (Las Vegas):

Favorite spot?
rhine valley
Anything else...?


---------------free downloadable-----------------

1. snow white dance --- 16 tracks 51 min

2. rosanna --- 12 tracks 50 min

3. yesterdays dreams ---- 11 tracks 43 min

4. seraphicus (classic) --- 5 tracks 30 min

5. bretagne --- 12 tracks 45 min

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