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Tom Orecchio
NEWS   Visit the Jim Croce Tribute Page at
The "therapy" is working! Tom is back writing again so look out for new songs in the future!!
Gutta Hendrix
so sweet(prod by Gutta)
Hip Hop
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play hi-fi  Voices
play hi-fi  Island of Tanguaray
play hi-fi  Hey You!!
play hi-fi  She Believes In Love
play hi-fi  The Breeze
play hi-fi  Who Knew (acoustic version)
play hi-fi  Who Knew (remix)
play hi-fi  Older
play hi-fi  Close To My Heart
play hi-fi  Never Did Mean To Make You Cry
This is Ron Gletherow introducing you to my good friend Tom Orecchio. I will be "caretaking" Tom's site, due to his ill health. Tom suffered a stroke last year, leaving him partially paralysed and almost totally blind. That's a pretty hard blow to take for a 43 year old family man, but Tom has the courage to carry on, "With A Little Help From My Friends", and also the devotion of his loving wife, Chris.
Tom and I have been friends since 1998, when I met him at a Jim Croce fan gathering that he organized. I now help Tom to run the Jim Croce Tribute Page at
Some time ago, Tom sent me a rough "Real Audio" file of a song he'd written called "Who Knew". I was knocked out by the song, and it appears as the acoustic version on Tom's music page (I've added a little piano and harmony vocal).
Recently, another tape came into our possession, of some of Tom's other compositions, recorded by himself, and VERY ably assisted by his friends, themselves great musicians:-
Frank Rokob - Lead Guitar
Dave Kondas - Lead Guitar
Anthony Nittoli - Bass / Keyboards
Chris McIntosh - Tenor Sax / Flute

Sit back and enjoy some great music by Tom Orecchio and his friends. I know you'll be as impressed as I was.
Why this name?
Because it's my name. I was born with it :)
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Changes it completely!! What more convenient way could there be to get your music heard?
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Hell yeah!! Providing it was a good deal.
Your influences?
Jim Croce, Jimmy Buffet, Maury Muehleisen, James Taylor, Gordon Lightfoot, John Mellencamp, Huey Lewis, Journey.
Favorite spot?
Raritan, New Jersey - my home town.
Equipment used:
Dave uses a "home made" Fender Strat with modifications. I use an Ovation acoustic guitar and Roland keyboard. Most of these tracks were originally recorded on an eight track Tascam reel-to-reel.
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