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play hi-fi  Xghn_-_live_-_Pukar(Cover)
“XGHn” Licensed to Behave Viciously!!!!

“XGHn” is Urdu word meaning Eagle.

We named our band XGHn because as Eagle is regarded as a aggressive and a powerful animal, same is the case with XGHn. XGHn’Z Band members may appear as calm at first glance but when it comes to XGHn’z music it is aggressive and falls into the genre of Hard Rock.
XGHn belongs to Rawalpindi & was initially known as “Syndrome”. XGHn is basically inspired from Metallica, Mega Death, Iron Maiden, System of a Down, Pink Floyd, Junoon ,Call ,E.P & the list goes on .We as a band believe in experimentation & innovations.

Here is the Band line up
• Usman Tughral ( Rhythms )
• Sh.Shakeel Ahsan ( Vocals )
• Asad Aijaz (Leads )
• Wajdan ( Backing Vocals/ Bass )

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Why this name?
Well initially we were Syndrome n that name was just a name because when the organizers of our first performance asked us about our name this is the word we could tell them. but none of us was satisfied with this name .so decided to change it n with mutual agreement now we are know as XGHN as a band . XGHN is a urdu word means eagle . Eagle is regarded as a very aggressive n powerful animal n so is our music aggressive plus powerful so that is the reason we named our band XGHN
Do you play live?
yeh we love to play live when ever we play we play it live
we like it raw
n speacial moment was our very first performance
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
yeh it has is many ways
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
we cant answer this right now
Band History:
Well me (Shakeel) and Usman tughral study in da same university. Although we weren’t class mates but due to our interest in music we used to talk bout it a lot n used to jam as well. In April 2005 there was a concert in our university which was sort of a battle of a band. We both decided to play over there n did two songs which were WAQT by E.P
And ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL by PINK FLOYD. Asad was my class fellow n I knew he was good at guitaring so I asked him to play leads on these songs & wajdan was a long time friend of usman n was good at bass too so we decided to play together n the response was huge , more then our expectations n we 4 got along very well so decided to put our self together as a band n since then we have been working together
Your influences?
Mega death
Iron maiden
System of a down
Pink Floyd
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
Guitars ( FERNANDAS & Fendor )
Effects ( Bass V amp & Zoom 505 & 707)