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Pygmy Beat
NEWS   Pygmy Beat has released an album on CD and digital download.
Like Lies to Children is available through Kunaki at:
and as HQ download from:
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WaltzOnThaSlap (TWaltz)
The Grind
Beats General
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play hi-fi  Heart Shaped Bruise by Pygmy Beat Extended
play hi-fi  The Keeper by Pygmy Beat Extended
play hi-fi  Faint Aroma by Pygmy Beat Extended
play hi-fi  Listen Like Brian by Pygmy Beat Extended
play hi-fi  Softdance - Pygmy Beat
play hi-fi  Cannon Fodder by The Newlings
play hi-fi  alice - the Newlings
play hi-fi  WATCH Pygmy Beat Extended
play hi-fi  WATCH (male version)
play hi-fi  Patch of Ground
Pygmy Beat:
Terry Berman - vocals, sax, piano, flute, recorder & Catholic guilt;
ray cochrane - basses, guitars, bad cello, percussion & Protestant longing;
Roland - drums, percussion & digital watches;
RAMI - occasional drums;
Gerry Steele - frequent lead guitar solos;
Greg Loyacano - frequent recent drums

Pygmy Beat Augmented:
Joe Mizzi - recent vocals
Gerry Steele - lead guitar solos;
Greg Loyacano - drums
ray cochrane - basses, guitars, bad cello, percussion;

Pygmy Beat Extended:
Patricia Vogelenzang - vocals
Erik - Drums & Percussion;
Greg Loyacano - Drums & some guitars;
Gerry Steele - most lead guitar solos;
ray cochrane - basses, guitars, bad cello, percussion;
Rob Green - vocals & lead - Listen Like Brian;
Trudy Newell - vocals;
Casey Wells - vocals.

Miriam & I:
Miriam Webb - vocals, arrangements & good cello.
ray cochrane - bass, guitar, bad cello, percussion & arrangements.
Roland - hand punched programmed drums.

The Newlings:
Eric Drabwell - vocals, guitars
ray cochrane - bass, guitars, cello
Bandi - drums
Why this name?
Terry & I are relatively short
Do you play live?
Not for a while.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Access & exposure
Finding long lost writing partners.
Finding collaborators.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
If they said yes to all the artistic freedom, money & acoutrements we required, (so, no - actually that's a fib - if we had artistic freedom we'd be in like Flynn)
Band History:
From the ashes of the Teutonics, the Talented Few, Naked Igwanaz & Laughter On Mars with the advent of home recording we rose, phoenix like, to bother the neighbours.
Your influences?
Terry - blues, jazz, Tom Waites, Ben Hur & Apocalypse Now.
Ray - 60's metal, pub rock, punk, power pop, noisenics, E.C., TLOTRings & Z grade movies.
Roland - chips & punches
Favorite spot?
The sweet spot between good hi fi speakers or in our lady's arms.
Equipment used:
Whatever we can get our hands on - garage sales & online auctions. Terry has a nice sax & flute ray has, essentially, no name gear.
Anything else...?
Age shall weary us & the years condemn but that's what rockin' chairs are for.
Album Cover
This is ray
Terry 2
South East Asian Suite Cover
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