Dave Thrift
Dave Thrift (Picture Takin)
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Blues/Funk/Rock with vocals and guitar on top
(NEW) Drive Me Crazy
New School
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play hi-fi  I Like It
play hi-fi  Cold House
play hi-fi  No Way Around It
play hi-fi  Feel The Groove
play hi-fi  Short Time
play hi-fi  Rock & Roll
play hi-fi  Pub Crawl
play hi-fi  High Speed
play hi-fi  All In
play hi-fi  Rolling Down The Highway
Dave Thrift plays solid Blues/Rock with a groove.
More than just Blues is featured, Funk, Jazz, &
Psychedelic Instrumental Funk Rock give the music
a little variety. Lead Guitar is a featured instrument and keyboards add a variety of sounds.
(Dave Thrift) music can be found at the following www.cdbaby.com/davethrift Itunes, Rhapsody,Xbox Music, Spotify, Amazon MP3, Google Play, Youtube
Why this name?
Solo project.
Do you play live?
In Central Florida. Melbourne, Cocoa beach, Orlando
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Lets more people hear my music
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes, but I would still be doing things on the
Band History:
Dave Thrift has been playing guitar starting at age six and has never stopped. Picking up a few other instruments like trumpet and keyboard
along the way. All songs (C) David R thrift
Your influences?
Hendrix,Santana,Jeff Beck,SRV,Joe Satriani,
Whitesnake,Grand Funk,Allman Bros.,Deep Purple
Eric Johnson, Johnny Winter, Buddy Guy,Chicago,
Beatles, The Rolling Stones,John Coltrain,B.B. King,Robin Ford,David Sanborn
Favorite spot?
CA Beaches,Cocoa Beach,LA,Black Hills SD, Melbourne, Orlando
Equipment used:
fender, Boss
Dave hanging out
Cocoa Beach
Dave Thrift Band
Dave Thrift Band
Dave & Guitar
Gatorland, Orlando, FL.
Dave & Strat 2013
Dave Thrift and Fender Strat.,
Dave Thrift and Fender Strat.
Jammin live in Sioux City, IA
Dave Thrift jammin some sounds
Dave Thrift live & Blue
Dave Thrift live
Dave Thrift
Live blues
live & Blues
Dave Thrift live
Jammin live
Just working on a tune
Dave Thrift
jammin live
Dave Thrift
tuning the red thing