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Nobody's Business
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Little Attitude!
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John Fiore
That's Nice
Tue Jul 28, 2009
Rock : Rock General
Take charge
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About the song
None of your business. :-)

Just kidding.
Long tall sally with your nose in the alley
Alway know what's going around

You have all the news
And you know all the views
And everything goin down in the town

When you see what you've been missin
Well you lose you inhibitions
Start talking from both sides of your mouth

Now the words start flying
All the gossip and the lying
Well I wonder what it's all about

Just don't be looking at me
Cause it's nobodies business but my own

Hey that's right
Just leave that stuff at home

Well Mister Blow he has to know
What everybody's doin right now

Tells you what to do
Has control over you
With his armies out on the prowl

All the riches he's been takin
And the people he's been shakin
Well I wonder when It's all gonna stop

Such a ritchous crew
And like phenatics do
Well they've takin it way over the top

Just don't tell me how to live
Cause it's nobodies business but my own

That's right
Just leave me alone

Sometime I got nothing to say
No I don't have much to share
I really don't care if the sky is fallin
And I'm losing all of my hair

Don't ask me what I'm thinkin
Best to ask me what I'm drinkin
And pour me a nice tall glass

Cause I'm off the clock
And I'm all done with the talk
If you don't mind I'm just gonna pass

Don't ask me what I think
Cause it's nobodies business but my own


Just leave it alone

Come on take it home

Yeah that's right

Come on