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play hi-fi  the spark
play hi-fi  I rock the place
play hi-fi  On My Own
play hi-fi  The Ace Of Spades
play hi-fi  Je reve
play hi-fi  floater
play hi-fi  the shifter
play hi-fi  a quiet place
play hi-fi  undiscovered landscapes
play hi-fi  trance yourself


So you don't need to worry about sample clearing :)

You can purchase exclusive and none-exclusive usage rights for all my beats.

Before getting in touch, please make shure the following applies to you:

- You really love what I'm doing, and have a feeling that there is a connection, and think that your vocals could fit really well on my beats. I'm not doing this just for the $ - I really would like to give my beats to someone who's on the same vibe as me!

- You are damn good, and people (not just your closest friends) tell you so.

- You have the drive to become successful in your musical carrer.

- You got some cash left.

This might sound like some harsh rules and maybe by now you think I'm a real big prick, but to be honest this saves me a lot of time and hustle. I just would like to make shure I get in touch with people that I'll have alot of fun working with. Please keep that in mind!

Now, here finally comes my contact info:

ICQ: 113788908
AIM: xevilwithinx

feel free to visit my profile for drum n bass, electro, house and that sorta stuff :
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