The Stealth Mosquitoes
G'day from Tasmania, we are Halo7, I'm Michael Lynch and we are a rock band trying to get our music out to the masses.Listen to our demo's, they're not perfect but we are sure they will grow on you. Also you can look at some photos of beautiful Tasmania, who knows if you're down this way you might come and have a jam with us.

Why this name?
We were travelling in a car when we were subject to a sundog, an atmospheric condition here in Tasmania that gives this weird halo effect. It only happens at this latitiude, you can see one on the photos page, and because the band is located at Seven Mile Beach we got halo7.
Do you play live?
We have played in and around Hobart at The Trout and at The Republic Bar, we did a gig for all the Tasmanian surfers on a ferry called the Cartela where we entertained a 150 surfers sponsored by Red Herring.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It allows independent musicians to get their music listened to.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
We would be interested in any offers at the moment as Tasmania is a small place.
Band History:

Michael Lynch Carl Millward StevenImlach Richard Salter

This is Halo7 and we have been together for about 18 months although Michael has fronted this band project for 4 years. We were lucky to find Moose (Steven Imlach) cleaning windows. Besides the seven tracks (the last two are unmixed and unmastered) on the CD we have at least another awesome 15 tracks and we would like to have a producer on board as the CD appears very compressed and doesn’t capture the energy in the music. All the music and lyrics on the first CD are by Michael Lynch, some of the songs having been started 20 years ago when Michael was living in Liverpool. Toxteth Riot is about his time living in Toxteth and is a positive statement about the place.
The second C.D. features the lyric writing talents of Steven and was finished in late 2006.
The music has an English rock sound influenced by the sounds and sights of Tasmania and the other members have helped sculpt the sound. We hope to air our new material soon and feel it is even stronger than this first batch of songs.
Anyway I hope you can see the potential in the material, which is currently receiving favourable airplay on edge radio. Halo7 is hoping that you will listen to the music constructively as we are looking for a record label to sign up to, and promote the band as a live act.
Michael Lynch acoustic and electric guitars
Carl Millward bass guitar
Steve Imlach vocals
Richard Salter percussion.

Mike Lynch contact; e-mail:

Your influences?
Halo7 are a blend of many styles,Mike likes any thing from Led Zep to Killing Joke, Stephen likes 90's grunge, and Richard likes modern rock and dance music.
Favorite spot?
Hobart's eastern shore. Carlton River mouth where Mike and Steven surf.
Bay of Fires for the coolest sunsets.
Equipment used:
Personally I have an Ibanez electric,Hohner 6 string acoustic and a Yamaha 12 string semi acoustic.I use a Marshall Valvestate 2000 amp and I use the following effects;Ibanez tube screamer, Ibanez flange, Boss stereo chorus,Washburn CX5 compressor and JHS digital delay unit.
Anything else...?
Check out the Local Music Directory at
Halo7 - Crystal
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cool jamz... peace
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slammin groove
Crystal and Flashflood updated.
As of Friday this version of Halo7 will be replaced by another run by other members of this band. The new site will contain 12 songs on an official release complete with new bio etc.
If you still wish to remain a fan you will have to reestablish contact on the new site.
If you still want to listen to my weird and wonderful versions of the songs then head to where you can join the fanlist or for downloads of the songs.
Updated mixes appearing, anything with a 7X has been updated.
New mix of Castaway uploaded.
New songs appearing from recording sessions in June.
All songs that have a 7 after them have been remixed to try and update them so keep your ears open.
New material on the way soon, 3rd C.D. with six new tunes, very excited about a tune called Crystal.
Lots of remixes happening, especially pleased with Silhouette,managed to breathe some life into it.It almost sounds like the live version.
New mixes of the material coming out, check out Indian Summer and Flashflood.
What a pile of sh***e.... its crap over there anyway, the weathers terrible too moan moan Do you remember Night of the Guitars or Harry doing the shoobi doowaps on Revolution? or coloured light bulbs in the mouth out on the grass?
Great work, checked you out from browsing the accoustic rock charts. some great stuff here.
Keep it up!

If you get a moment please check out my songs and let me know what you think.

thanks smile :)

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