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James Hollingsworth
Aug 11, 2010
James Hollingsworth
'Just the Way It is' - Live at Cornbury Festival
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Just the Way It is - a song for messy epiphanies.

It's just the way it is, it's just the things you do
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"one of the best song writers in the country" - Bristol Rocks

BBC Introducing with Tom Robinson on 6music

See also the JEBO (with James Hollingsworth) page on Soundclick.

"What a Singer!" - John Burns (Producer Jethro Tull, Genesis, Burning Spear, JEBO and others)

click for the James Hollingsworth website, or Soundclick Store. James' music is also available on i-Tunes, Napster, Rhapsody etc.

"without a doubt a rising singer-songwriter of the new era of Folk." - Indie World Cafe

"James's voice is like a seventh string on his guitar, it's uncanny how well the two intermingle with each other and the effect is captivating." - The Eleventh Hour, Bath (UK)

Find James on MySpace

Hear Lighthouse (live in Neuss, Germany) by rock band JEBO (official site) featuring James on lead vocals. Here's the JEBO Soundclick page.

Hear James play electric guitar with Figure of Speech Multimedia.

Do you play live?
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Your influences?
Miles Davis Leftfield Roy Harper John Martyn Peter Gabriel Jethro Tull Nick Drake Tim Buckley James Taylor Dylan Paul Simon Francis Dunnery George Harrison Don Mclean Yes Paul Weller Pink Floyd Genesis Neil Young Nick Jones Joe Jackson Billy Mackenzie Beatles Counting Crows Richie Havens Hendrix Fred Neil Tom Waits Paul Weller Jeff Buckley Bob Marley Ozric Tentacles Hawkwind Barry Melton....

Equipment used:
For live and studio work: variously Tanglewood dreadnought acoustic guitar, a customised Fender F210 Acoustic Guitar, Fender Stratocaster, ARIA Pro II electric bass, Double Bass, Indian Flute, Harmonicas, Alhambra Classical Guitar, Eko Dreadnaught Guitar (often tuned to DADGDG, DADF#AD or even standard tuning), a box of percussion, panpipes, chinese cymbals and Tibetan Bells, but usually it's just the Fender Acoustic Guitar with DiMarzio and Fishman pick-ups; Newtone Strings; also a Boomerang III Phrase sampler, Korg AX300G's and Boss effects with expression and volume pedals; Hohner and Lee Oskar Harmonicas and a sprinkling of miscellaneous mic's.

For recording I use: n-Track Studio x64bit software, running on 64bit Windows XP; Korg Wavestation SR; Sonor 10"x2" Jungle Snare drum; M-Audio Delta 1010 soundcard; Lexicon effects; a little Mackie 1202vlz pro; a Korg Wavestation and sometimes an Alesis HR 16 drum machine.

I still use my old cassette 4 track as a note pad for ideas as well as minidisc and an old Korg Pandora PXR4 (and paper/pencil/pen of course).
Anything else...?
James was lead vocalist/frontman for Bristol-based band, JEBO from their first gig in 2003 until he left in Spring 2009. Their debut album, featuring James' vocals, was produced by John Burns (Genesis, Jethro Tull, John Martyn, Traffic, Burning Spear and others). James is now working with Burns on his solo album project.

See the JEBO website for details.
pic by Saravian
Tobacco Factory, Bristol, 2009
The Thatch, Croyde, Devon
Photo by Jason Flinter
With Sean McBride at the Seven Stars, Bristol
Have guitar, will travel.
In Marek's Dome
Garden of Awen