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Hellsenda Productions
East Coast
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We are Hellsenda Productions, we've been making beats since 1993, based in the South End section of Boston, MA. We (Buctayla & Cardi aka Brandon Heat) are the production team behind Hellfire Club Inc. as well as beatmakers for hire.

Here are some tracks taken from previous releases through our label Hellfire Club Inc. We're currently in the process of recording new material for radio play/public consumption. You can’t do shows off the strength of mixtape joints and it’s time for Hellfire Club/Hellsenda Productions to enter the fray that is the Boston/New England hip hop scene and help it finally go national.

Hellsenda Productions present Dialogues In Hell and Poisonous Dart's solo Poisonous Youth will both be available in July/August 2006.

Anyone wanting Hellsenda Productions beat CD’s either e-mail me at or call Buctayla at 617.308.7978 if you want to schedule a meeting/listening or have an original joint created/crafted to your specifications. One.
Why this name?
Coming out of Boston, MA trying to get signed/recognized for your music is like Hell. Growing up in the innercity is like living in Hell. Since we have experienced the trials and tribulations of urban life and the music industry we combined them decided on Hellfire Club since we've come through Hell and we're unscathed and we're still here.

Our beats refelect our mindstate and Boston, MA as a whole so it's Hellsenda Productions...if you're not familiar with Boston, you'll be able to be transported there through our beats and get an understanding for the environment that help inspire and craft the beat itself.

Do you play live?
Not as of right now...We will keep you posted when we have shows booked in 2006.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Absolutely, no longer must you wait on someone else to recognize can go out and make music on you own and THEN someone from a major/indie label can come to you with a deal as opposed to you being powerless and waiting for someone else to validate your talent.

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
You don't work for a label...they work for you! They cut you the occassional check and they distribute and promote YOUR material. THAT IS ALL! Anything else is SLAVERY! Remember that before you sign on the dotted's the music business...focus on the word that's longer in that phrase.
Band History:
Started out in Boston, MA as the rap group Relentless in 1993. Relentless opened shows for Boot Camp Click, Flipmode Squad and Wu Tang Clan. In 1995, they broke up.

In 1996, The Realm Organization was formed as was Xtensive Nterprises Recordings Inc.. The roster consisted of Realm Organization (Buctayla & Nasa), DYS (formerly of Relentless), Sonny Fontaine (P. Dart), and Cardi (aka Brandon Heat). In 1999, Realm Organization broke up after finishing their Life Analysis LP. DYS was incarcerated, and XNR Inc. folded.

In 2000, Buctayla and Cardi aka Brandon Heat began producing again. Poisonous Dart stopped doing just CEO duties and began rhyming again. Buctayla and Poisonous Dart formed Hellfire Club and the label Hellfire Club Inc.. The music is made by Hellsenda Productions (Buctayla and Cardi aka Brandon Heat).

In 2006, HFC Inc. will release their newest projects: Dialogues In Hell and Poisonous Youth. One.
Your influences?
Hip Hop from 1979 to 2006
Favorite spot?
Boston, MA ...The Home Of Champions & Revolutionaries
Equipment used:
Currently in the process of a studio update in 2006...Equipment info will be updated soon.
Anything else...?
Check out our beats and music!
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