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Robert Field
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Frenzy Frenchy
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play hi-fi  7 Dimple Smile
play hi-fi  From The Bottom Of My Heart
play hi-fi  Over Coffee
play hi-fi  Look How You Feel Tonight
play hi-fi  What She Said
play hi-fi  Too Much Confusion
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Robert Field is a solo singer/songwriter/recording artist. His first album, "TMC-Too Much Confusion", was recorded and released in the summer of 2002.
Do you play live?
Occasional "Open Mike" venues in the New Jersey area. I play my original material as well as "covers" with an acoustic guitar. Contact me for any up comming sets. I Have also performed in Maine, St. Thomas, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, California, and Alabama over the past 15 years. All with good reviews.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It allows all aspiring musiciains to be heard by others regardless of, should I say talent.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
It depends, let me speak with my lawyer and I'll get back to you.
Band History:
I'm self taught on all instruments. I began playing guitar at age 13 and joined and formed various garage bands as a kid.
Your influences?
I enjoy all types of music with no one specific influence. I'm not even sure of the style I may be considered. So give a listen and tell me what style/type of music you think I belong to.
Favorite spot?
Little Blue Studios and where ever she may be.
Equipment used:
Les Paul, Strat,EP Hollow body, Yamaha/Alpine Acoustics, Ibanez 12 string Acoustic, Yahmaha piano, Casio/Yamaha keyboards, Pacific drum kit, Zoom digital drums,Peavey Bass, Peavey Amp/PA Equipment, AW4416 Yamaha digital recorder.
Anything else...?
Give a listen and please send me your opinions of what you think. Good or Bad.
You may also see my guest appearance with the band HAMTON WICK at
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