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My My (Say Goodbye)
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11/03/08 @ 08:56 AM     1 comment
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From the olden days.
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Some samples of what I do with my time when I'm not trying to keep the wolves from the door.

I'm also at myspace, youtube, and mixposure. You can figure it out.
Why this name?
Do you play live?
Retired - strictly studio......

Or so I thought.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It's still about substance vs. style - but the net plays such a major role in the business of music these days, it makes it harder to filter out what's what. And youtube has brought a lot of rock n roll history back into the public eye - rescuing another 30 - 40 years' worth of bands from obscurity. In other words, an information superhighway is hard to navigate - now factor in time travel as well, and the audience splinters into many different groups, often with little in common. And so, the music machine has fractionated, which is possibly not a bad thing - maybe there will come a time when good music will become more important than a good business plan.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Sure - you know where to find me.
Band History:
Too long & maybe not so important. Just another guy killing time in the Flatlands.
Your influences?
60's psych/garage rock, the Who, the Monkees(?), and whatever else is trapped inside my head.
Favorite spot?
The Hidden City - ("No one knows / An ember in the land of frozen snows").
Equipment used:
Stuff on loan from my friends. Also: my trusty 82' JV series Telecaster , Black Squier Telecaster, custom built Telecaster, 60s reissue Telecaster, a Strat (just for a change), Epiphone Les Paul, hollow body Ibanez Artcore AF175, & a cheap deArmond that plays like a much more expensive guitar. And a few more random basses and stuff.

And a Hohner accordion for special occasions.
Anything else...?
Read my non musical scribblings at:

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