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know by now
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A blues Collab. You guys are the best! The philosopher Socrates said 2.500 years ago. "As for me, all I know is that I know nothing"
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Tue Aug 09, 2011
Blues : Electric Blues
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About the song
Here is the band:

Vocals, guitar, lyrics and arrangement: Andreas Horchler

Vocals: Mike Wayszak

Mike, you are the man for the real high notes....

Bass: Lee Velaszquez, KS

Lee, love you tone, and you can really play it all! Incredible!

Guitar: Mark Cloutier, NY

Mark, them blues live in you soul! Love you solo!

Sax: Tom Stockwrock, TN

Stockwrock a sax solo in E, and a o so relaxed one! That is amazing stuff. Thank you!
know by now (Socrates blues)

went to the doctor
said what can i do
he says there is pains in life
make you think that can t be you

as I know by now
we re only here for a time
as i guessed somehow
it won t always be fine

went to the landlord
said i can t pay my rent
he says you better don t tell me
where all your money went

as i know by now
there s not a penny you can save
as i guessed somewhow
i can t take it to your grave

i scream and i holler
i cry and i swear
you don t even hear me
you don t even care

as i know by now
I don t know nothing at all
as i guessed somewhow
there s no way not to fall

i sink and i struggle
i go down down, down
there s no way back up
i can t help it i ll drown

as i know by now
I don t know nothing at all
as i guessed somewhow
life s can be a concrete wall

went to see the devil
said your business is done
he says you re just another sinner
you can t hide you can t run

as i know by now
I ll go down in disgrace
as i guessed somewhow
i m going to lose this race

as i know by now
one day will mean bye bye
as i guessed somewhow
there s a bit and a piece and a lie

as i know by now
I don t know nothing at all
as i guessed somewhow
there s no way not to fall