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Chris Mahon
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My name is Chris Mahon, and I have been playing and recording music most of my life. I am now focusing my energies on writing and producing my own songs, primarily to satisfy my own desire to create.

I was born and bred in the US, but now live and work in the UK. The musical bridge between the two countries historically is exactly where my music lives!

I hope you find something to enjoy in my music. In any case, feel free to drop me a line or give me a shout out about your music. I love to listen as well!

All the best,

Your influences?
I have been an avid listener for many years, and there is no doubt that I have been heavily influenced by a number of artists and bands.

In general, I have always responded most strongly to music of the heart, and my playing is clearly rooted in the blues, even if my songwriting isn't. Punk rock also played a pivotal role in my musical life, primarily in that it saved me from a brief, but fortunately not catastrophic, prog rock phase. ;^)

Specifically, I always seem to come back to a select few bands and/or artists. Pink Floyd is timeless to me, as is the playing of Billy Gibbons and the songwriting and playing of Nick Drake. Radiohead is a current fave of mine, at least when they are not frustrating me with their latest "difficult" album (LOL).

I like to thing, however, that through all of this I have developed a style of my own. Style development is ongoing, however, and I hope to continue growing musically for many years. When I stop growing is when I stop playing, I think.
Equipment used:
OK, here's my setup:

Fender American Standard Strat
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
Various acoustic guitars
Rode NT1A large diaphragm condenser mic
Shure SM57
Focusrite VoiceMasterPro mic pre
Focusrite TrakMasterPro mic pre
Pod XT Pro
Alesis Midiverb
MOTU 828mkII firewire interface
Cubase SE3
iMac G5 2.1

Probably forgot something, but that's the gist of it. ;^)
Anything else...?
Enjoy! And please get in touch if you want any further information, or just to chat.

Johnny's Song
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