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Hi I'm Ken Denny. I've played in many bands over the years. I now am the proprietor of Gismo Recording, a place offering the best value in recording. Here's some of my solo work.

I am playing every instrument heard except vocals on "Searching", "Letting Go", and "Redemption" and drums. Vocals on "Searching" and "Letting Go" were done by Stephanie Goulet. Vocals on "Redemption" were done by Brad Glisson of the band Star FM. Drums on "Higher" are played by Al Fair, drums on "The Emptiness" and "Redemption" by Josh Zaslow also of the band Star FM. Drums on "Searching" and "Never Let Go" are by Mike Brown. Drums on "Down This Road Before" and "Explain" by David Ruiz.
Why this name?
It's my name
Do you play live?
Not in over a year. Not since I played in Hip Sauce.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet is really helping the independent music makers get their music heard by the world
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes, I probably would, but I would have to keep publishing rights.
Band History:
I've played in many different bands over the years. I felt it was time to put some of my solo work out for others to hear.
Your influences?
Warren Zevon, Neal Young, Meat Loaf, Karl Wallinger, PInk Floyd, R.E.M.
Equipment used:
Keyboards: Hammond B-3, Kohler & Campbell baby grand, Alesis QS-8
Bass: Yamaha five string
Anything else...?
Check out my two myspace pages Gismo Recording and Ken Denny also my atudio webpage Gismo Recording and Sound Service