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Greg Hurley
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play hi-fi  IT_7-8_1984
play hi-fi  IT_Flight_1984
play hi-fi  WEEKLONG_DRIVE
play hi-fi  Apple_Of_My_Eyre_V2.mp3
play hi-fi  Apple_Of_My_Eyre_raw-mix1
play hi-fi  FRAGILITY
play hi-fi  GulfofGlurp
play hi-fi  Flake Flurry
play hi-fi  Shortest Point/Two Lines/Curved Space
play hi-fi  Live Kerchunkage
I'm a veteran guitarist / producer, having worked in a multitude of genres - most all progressive (jazz, ambient, rock, fusion, etc.).

Currently doing a lot of progressive fusion, progressive acid jazz, ambient, techno, solo-acoustic, etc.

Newer pieces are the result of long-distance collaboration with former bandmates and other artists via latest studio networking technology.
Why this name?
The new project is called Now.Here.This.
It's about being and living in the present.

Do you play live?
Performed with 19 other leading electronic/ambient/space music artists at Different Skies 2010 at Arcosanti in Arizona this past September.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Yes, and I believe all for the better.
Independent distribution gives the artist much more flexibility in how/where to distribute their music.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes, but only for distribution and marketing.
Band History:
Band projects I've played with over the years include: 'IT', Goonsquad, Slap and Tickle, and Siriusbliss.

Current project is Now.Here.This. as well as a variety of collaborations with artists in many genres.
Your influences?
Holdsworth, Hendrix, Beck, Morse, Metheny, McLaughlin, Bela Fleck, Nickel Creek, Steve Roach.
Favorite spot?
Hawaii, but San Francisco ain't too bad!
Equipment used:
VHT amps,
Eventide effects,
Roland and Axon guitar synths,
Brian Moore, Gittler, and Washburn guitars, SonicCore Scope Pro and RME audio interfaces and software,
Samplitude Pro V11.x host with tons of plugins,
Custom desktop DAW, ADK laptop.
Anything else...?
The famous VW Eurovan camper van that also acts as a mobile recording studio!
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