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Band History:
Before you begin to think about what it will be like to finally sound professional, and how many doors can open for you when people finally begin to take you serious, I want you to stop ask your self a very important question; How much would you be willing to spend, to sound like you recorded in a Plush, Multi-Million dollar studio?

As you begin to think about what that's worth, lets take a look at something we all know. We all know that more and more artists daily fall into the infamous trap of putting their music in the hands of some under qualified person who's will CHARGE you like he's an engineer but doesn't have the skill or talent to cut a retail quality track, knowing that if you don't have retail quality tracks in this day and age, your music's as good as thrown in the garbage. As a result, you laid out money to the tune of $20, $50, even $100 an hour to go from sounding like you recorded in a coat closet, to sounding like you recorded in a broom closet.

You've paid $20, $50, even $100+ and sound like $10. What's the advantage?!

With Golden Ear Engineering, you've gotten something you've never had before - REAL ENGINEERING. You've avoided being criticized due to bad quality, you've avoided people listening to your music and dropping their overall opinion of you and left that acid for everybody else, and you've finally put your self in the position to take advantage of opportunities! Now what is reaching your dreams worth? At Golden Ear Engineering, a $1,000,000 track can be had for only one hundred and twenty five dollars!!

Why can Golden Ear Engineering do what no one else has been able to do? In a word, skill. Many would-be engineers dream that expensive gear makes up for a lack of skill and the reality is it doesn't, so they pile money on top of more money on top of more money as they pass those costs onto you, but haven't develop any skill to make it worth it. At Golden Ear Engineering in doing things the right way we've discovered that things had to be done differently. We've used ingrained natural talent and developed the x-factor of skill and capability and united them with top of the line DSPs to take engineering to a whole new level! And that's why in the years we've been in business we can't be touched, be stopped, or be beat!

• Break-Ground Sale! Many artists have never had the experience of sounding professional, but they deserve the opportunity just as much as anybody else!! So here's your chance to break ground. For a limited time, we are freezing our $125 track prices and mixing your track for just $65!! That's right, sixty five dollars!! Act fast because with the summer heat that price freeze isn't going to last long!


How to Submit A Track:

- In a perfect world, no effects or panning would be on any layer we get and each song would be sent with each layer of Vocals for all verses as one file, each layer of Adlibs as one file, each layer of hooks as one file, and so on. But we understand that in todays world music is often mixed down to MP3s as soon as its recorded. Though we prefer to do mixes on independent layers, to convenience you, you pay $10 LESS to have an mp3 track professionally mixed. Of course we are able to do the most with your raw data (since, afterall, you've made some decisions in light of not being a professional engineer) but mixing your mp3's allows us to use YOUR effects, YOUR panning, and OUR mixing to give you unparalleled convenience and quality!

Users with Programs listed in “Pro Grade” can send your sessions as .OMF format files. Here are the wide selection of formats we support:

Pro Grade Programs:
• Protools Sessions (.pts and .OMF)
• Logic Pro Sessions (.OMF)
• Digital Performer (default format and .OMF)
• Final Cut Pro Sessions (.OMF)
• Nuendo/Cubase Sessions (.OMF)
• Sonar Sesions (.OMF)

Hobby Grade Programs:
• Garage Band Sessions (.band)
• Cooledit, Audacity, Adobe Audition, etc. (WAV/AIFF or MP3s (128kbps to 160kbps @ 44.1kHz for best results))

Your completed mixed down track is shipped back to you as a high bitrate MP3 and a WAV file.

Tracks, Paypal Payments, and Questions can be sent to our email address at

Why let music quality control you when you can control the quality of your music!
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