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play hi-fi  All Of That
play hi-fi  Autism Is Not Retarded
play hi-fi  Baby Killers
play hi-fi  Cat In The Meadow
play hi-fi  Crucify
play hi-fi  Daylight
play hi-fi  Discriminate
play hi-fi  Discriminate (Live)
play hi-fi  Doomed For Eternity
play hi-fi  Emotional Child
Ryan McReynolds is a Multi Instrumental Singer/Musician from Birch Run, Michigan
Do you play live?
Not frequently but I did play a gig in December of 2003, February of 2005, and August of 2006 3 gigs in 2007 and a gig in 2008 that occured for me at last minute when I was just gonna be in the audience.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I think Music Downloads can be very helpful to record sales. Artists who support Downloading are known to have had their Record Sales increase after people have Downloaded them and decided wow im gonna buy their CD or wow I gotta go see them in concert.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I would rather sign to an Independent Label cause with Major Labels usually the Label owns your songs for this many years. Whereas Independent Labels give you more Control plus they usually let you own the songs instead of the Label owning them.
Your influences?
Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Linkin Park, The Beatles and many others
Anything else...?
I have CDs you can order and most contain extra tracks that are not available on this site at all.

I also have a DVD for sale as well

The CD albums are:

Life Begins At Conception (2007)
Live At Jamestowne Hall (2007)
Rise Above (2008)

The CD singles are:
Guilt (Mercy Of The Lord (2008)
Wretched Abuse (2008)

The DVD is:
Valentine's Solo/Acoustic Show

Out of Print CDs are:
Defeating The Monster (2002)
Crucify (2003)
Crying Out (2004)
Live In Flint (2006)

Copies of out of print CDs can be made on request

Most CDs are $3 each with $2 shipping and handling for U.S. orders $4 shipping and handling for foreign orders.

Life Begins At Conception and Rise Above are $5 each with $2 shipping and handling for U.S. orders $4 shipping and handling for foreign orders.

The DVD is $5 each plus $2 shipping and handling for U.S. orders and $4 shipping and handling for foreign orders

U.S. orders please send a check or money order.

Foreign orders please use U.S. funds

The address is:

Ryan McReynolds
7781 Maple Street
Birch Run, Michigan 48415

Right now special offer buy Life Begins At Conception or Rise Above and get one of the $1 or $3 CDs for Free with purchase.

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