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The artists that participated to produce these recordings of 19th century period folk music have all been costumed staff, guides, and tradespeople at historic sites across Canada (Upper Canada Village, Black Creek Pioneer Village, etc.). The music presented is performed on historically accurate instruments such as mandolin, fiddle, tin-whistle, wooden flute, bones, banjo, melodeon, button accordion, guitar, jaw harp and zither.
Do you play live?
Both Brent and Gary have performed live for tens of thousands of visitors at the historic sites mentioned above. Brent Santin also demonstrates nineteenth century cabinetmaking and makes period wooden flutes. Gary Mallon is a teamster (in the 19th century sense) who drives horses to transport people and goods for mills and trades.
Your influences?
The recording industry wasn't very big in 1866 (haha) but the published works of various popular musicians of the time (i.e. Stephen Foster) and the traditional music of Canada, the United States and the U.K. make up the repertoire we perform.
Equipment used:
Nineteenth century period instruments! Wooden flutes, tin whistles, button accordions, banjos, mandolins, jaw-harps, bones, melodeons, etc. etc.!
Anything else...?
Brent Santin and Garry Mallon present a collection of lively songs and instrumental tunes from the 19th century, interspersed with the sounds of 19th century life. Besides some wonderful music, their latest album offers unique 'sound montages' which follow themes of 19th century industry, the trades, domestic life, war, transportation and farm animals. The effect is to take the listener on an audio journey to another time: to listen to the rumble of mill machinery, the sound of the blacksmith and cabinetmaker at work, the clatter of horses hooves and wagon wheels. The songs are rousing renditions of pieces popular in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

This is the perfect music for historic re-enactors, museum education programs, period films, or anyone interested in good folk music in general!