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My nickname or artist name is Fat Nexus,
back in the days my artist name was just Nexus,
Few years later i became chubby.
so now its Fat Nexus.
I rap alone but sometimes whit my homi,s Jawista and Real-Weirdo but the most time i work alone.
Do you play live?
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
it think its geat because with the internet i can send my songs 2 all kinds of people so i can reach more ears
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes of course!
Band History:
first of i started with a headset mic. with my crew Shadow entertainment with my boys,Real latino- Crazy kid- Rmondo- Mc Martin then i moved from ermelo north into ermelo south.
then i came in a band but it always changed the name first it was ERD (Eremlose Rap Duo) it was only me and weirdo.
then it became ERT (Ermelose Rap Trio) Mc Martin joind us Then it became ERC (Ermelose Rap Crew)because Jawista joind us.
but now we are done with the crew stuff,they al sometimes rap with me once in a while.
But now if Rappers wanna rap with me it will be know as a Aflow Entertainement Record.
Because thats now my trademark.
now i can mix some tracks and i have a litte recording studio.
Your influences?
50 cent,Big,Pac, Dutch artists like The opposites, and Dmen in there old days, with the straatremixes,and a friend of mine Contradi-Xion and his Crew Heat'03
Favorite spot?
Ermelo South
Equipment used:
Samson Studio Condeser, Plopkiller, Mengpaneel,
one Big ass Personal Computer,Software like Adobe Audition, and my Rap Lyricis
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