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perry's jam tracks
Rain (Bryson Tiller Don't Type)
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play hi-fi  fuzzoverdrivetest
play hi-fi  kindametalmp3
play hi-fi  Audio 1_01
play hi-fi  Express 5:50 with Sd-1 and MXR EQ
play hi-fi  Cabletest2
play hi-fi  Cabletest1
play hi-fi  Strolling (work in progress)
play hi-fi  Express 5:50 semi-high gain at 5 watts
play hi-fi  Testing Mesa Express 5:50 Burn Channel
play hi-fi  Testing Express 5:50 class A
This is just me recording some simple rythmns for now..more later
Why this name?
not a band's just lil ole me
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