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JOB (Jump Out Boyz)
NEWS   J.O.B takin dis bi*** over.
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play hi-fi  ROCK N ROLL
play hi-fi  CHECK OUT MY LOCS
play hi-fi  I CAN DIG DAT
play hi-fi  YO THEME SONG
play hi-fi  GANGSTA n***Z
play hi-fi  PISTOL PLAY
play hi-fi  WE GON SHOOT
play hi-fi  LAY IT DOWN
play hi-fi  she cant do my dance, they cant do my dance
play hi-fi  CHOPPA SITTEN NEXT 2 ME...
Wat it is. dis dat J.O.B checkin in dis bi***. Jus lettin all yall niggaz kno we takin dis b***h over. If yean already kno J.O.B stand 4 (Jump Out Boyz) cause we aint neva scared to bust a n*** head. Shouts out to my niggaz Scooby, Herk, SLIM, Young Dred, J-Boe, D- Lott, lil dread, lil 380 Young black, B.K(Black Killa)lil dre, and lil ced lil bo dee derrick n.o, Street Team.

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Why this name?
S*** we don know
Do you play live?
Yeah we play live
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
give us a chance to put our selves on da map
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
hell yeah what kind of question is dat
Band History:
Young Dred
D. Lott
lil dread
lil 380
young black
lil montana
lil bo
Street Team:
Your influences?
Underground Rap, Jezzy, and all da fye rappers dat eva came out da "A."
Favorite spot?
River Road, Flat Shoals and Chandler r.d , and Da Club.
Equipment used:
Frooty Loops and sum otha s**t.
oh yeah pumps tec's 9's 380's
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