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Mo' Phat Tuesday - Open Mike
NEWS   Hey! Don't forget the 10th Annual Celebration of The Arts on June 7 in Yorba Linda!
Beginnings - Neal Lynch
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A fine cover by Neal, with Gary Madeiros and Mark Hermann backing him on vocals and percussion.
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Mo' Phat Tuesday is the name of a musical open mike in Yorba Linda, California. Hosted by Scott Smith. Over the years it has been hosted at a couple of venues in town. Until recently it had been at the Main Street restaurant. Beginning August 7, 2007 it congregates at Java Joe's, which is a very comfortable coffee lounge. It meets every Tuesday night between 7PM and 10PM. No admission charge or fee. Performers check in with Scott and perform in the order they check in. Each player gets a set of three songs until everyone has played, then the circuit starts over. PA and 3 mikes are available. Most performers are singers accompanying themselves on guitar plugged into the PA, but there are no real rules about instruments. There are some etiquette expectations but there has never been a need for enforcement. In addition to coffee, there are smoothies, soft drinks, and wine. Sandwiches, pastries, and cheese plates are avialable to the patrons during the entire evening.
Why this name?
The Tuesday before Mardi Gras is called Fat Tuesday. The weight-conscious attendees of this open mike nicknamed it Low Fat Tuesday, but the owner of the host restaurant at that time took exception to that. His menu is Italian and Mexican and low fat had nothing to do with it! He was afraid we would foster a reputation not suitable to his establishment, so one of the more creative participants came up with Mo' Phat Tuesday. This is usually relayed with tongue in cheek, because the regular performers are mostly white, middle-aged ex hippies doing acoustic covers.
Do you play live?
Java Joes's is at the corner of Yorba Linda Blvd. and Yorba Ranch Road, in the eastern section of Yorba Linda, California. It's just a couple miles from the Nixon Library and Birthplace.

Click the Java Joe's logo for a link to some photos.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
How else would you get to hear Mo'Phat Tuesday without making a pilgrimage to Yorba Linda?
Favorite spot?
Yorba Linda, California, of course!
Anything else...?