Sonno Witjes
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play hi-fi  Because of you (The Hit)
play hi-fi  Sonno Witjes - Because of you
play hi-fi  In dreams
play hi-fi  Leaving
play hi-fi  E - Venture 2008
play hi-fi  No More
play hi-fi  Odditty 2_Master
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play hi-fi  2C or not 2C
Hi there, me and my computer have formed a compromisless band. No more arguing, persuading or other shit! I hope you like it!
Why this name?
It's MY name!!!
Band History:
I was born in 1979, I play the guitar since I was 8 years old. I haven't been practicing too well all the time...
Your influences?
Tony Macalpine, Vinnie Moore, Nevermore, Death, Dying Fetus and Soilwork.
Favorite spot?
Anywere, as long as they serve beer!
Equipment used:
Peavey Classic50/50, Jackson Soloist, Boss GT6 and a home made cab.
Sennheiser e606 and Rode NT3 mic's.
Terratec EWX e24/96 soundcard.
Pentium III computer.
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