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Why this name?
We representin' the top stock in the game.
Do you play live?
Not currently-
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It has its pros and cons. More exposure, more piracy.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
It all depends man.
Band History:
We welcome you with great pleasure to the era of Bluchippaz Entertainment. Bluchippaz Ent. has established a well-respected reputation among the south Louisiana music scene. Our goal is to bring to the masses the most innovative sound representing south Louisiana.
We have affiliated ourselves with some of the most talented artist from New Orleans to Baton Rouge and beyond. The talent pool of artist, producers, and promoters included in our network is no doubt to be THE next movement to represent Louisiana. Our most popular production to date features the Most Valuable Playaz. This squad achieved tremendous acclaim with their cd “Mouthpiece” featuring Bun B of UGK on its hottest track “Ghetto”. This single blazed the airwaves of Acadiana’s 95.5 for over three years. The follow-up Pimp Change was featured on Dolby-D’s mixed cd.

The Most Valuable Playaz performed in various settings from Southern University’s Homecoming to Detroit, Michigan. They have performed at charity concerts in Miami with Trina and Trick Daddy. They have also opened other acts such as Maxminelli, Partners In Crime, Botany Boys, 5th Ward Webbie, Joe Black, Dj Jubilee, Men Ov Vizion, Divine, 2 Live Crew, and Menace Clan. Their most notable performances included opening for LL Cool J, Mr. Cheeks, and Ying Yang Twins on three separate occasions at the biggest nightclub in the nation, Florida’s MTV Club Lavela. We also take pride in being the heart and soul of the group D.S.O. which was anchored by Houston’s own Bushwick Bill. This coalition of artist and promoters took this project nationwide and received notoriety abroad with their single “Do Tha Damn Thang!”

This resume only begins to show the dedication and experience of our long time grind in this music industry. We take pride in our music as we will show that we are not new to this industry. With all that being said, let us, Bluchippaz Entertainment, introduce you to the next wave of Louisiana music. In the words of the Jiggaman himself-

I'm so sincere!
Your influences?
Outkast and UGK
Equipment used:
Ensoniq ASR-X, Reason 2.5
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