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AONN Records mission is one of revenge. BTW, haters can hate all they want, but it still does not change the fact that we have each and every one of these songs saved in the archives...and will reload them on the Internet millions of times over at other music sites until it becomes virtually impossible to remove them...

Hear the latest music from AONN Records, experimental tracks as well as archived classics dating back to the 20th Century and ancient times.

One Sir Grove, AKA Rob Taylor, technologist, defense contractor and entrepreneur, appears in the book "Skin Deep" by Marianne Ruuth.

Also, pick up a copy of the internationally distributed "AONN Records Presents: The November 12 Projekt" and make sure that you spell 'projekt' with a 'k'

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New AONN material = White Boy Bloods!
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Criminal Alliance 2007 - The Renaissance
Why this name?
AONN Records was created and licensed in 1995 by a group of young, scientific prodigies and philosophers working in multimedia, military defense and security. The aforesaid young scientists and U.S. government contractors who created AONN based their business model on the foundation and principles of John von Neumann?s and Oskar Morgenstern?s theory of applied mathematics and economics known as Game Theory.
Do you play live?
Yes. We perform and produce major concerts.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
better distribution in terms of analytics and demographics analysis
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
We are a major indepedent record label with a multitude of international distribution capabilities. However, if someone out here is speaking our language and proposes a reasonable offer for a joint-venture, major record deal or the like, then we might consider something along those lines.
Band History:
495 / Deep In Everett was/is an overtly secret fraternity/sorority dating back to 1986 and an operational intelligence network title assigned to the entity that was essentially the precursor and forerunner to AONN Records. AONN (Access One Network Northwest) then evolved to become, Access One National Network. AONN Records was founded upon the precepts and principles of U.S. patriotism. There are many organizations around the world now claiming the acronym AONN, however AONN as abovementioned, was/is the original. In the twenty-first century, AONN Records tends to be a conservative, right of centre organization that does not, however, condemn persons on the basis of race, religion, sex, color, national or ethnic origin. It should also be noted that periodically, there have emerged various egalitarian and liberal factions within the AONN consortium. On more than one occasion, liberal and socialist elements within AONN have vied for power and for total control of the network. Above all, conservative elements from AONN have triumphed and have represented a majority of the driving forces behind this juggernaut legacy. In summary, AONN Records is not disestablishment and it is not anti-government like that of its seditious opponents, of whom the latter are described as seeking to undermine the United States.

Truth is stranger than fiction.
Your influences?
Favorite spot?
Anywhere in any country in any cosmopolitan city or town in the developed world where people are civilized.
Equipment used:
Only the best.
Anything else...?
Grove is for Vendetta
495 EVT International
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