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Tony Bullard
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play hi-fi  Mindless
play hi-fi  My Phone Is Vibratin
play hi-fi  if i had a choice it would end like this
play hi-fi  Run from C132
play hi-fi  Some TimeTo Myself
play hi-fi  Racecar
play hi-fi  Overkill
play hi-fi  Untitled
play hi-fi  Sheer Boredom
play hi-fi  throwing my doubts
Hi there. You may or may not have found this page via tonybullard.com. If you didn't, then I'd suggest you go check that outy. If you did, then I suggest you tell all your friends about it.

On to more official things. My music varies greatly. I have ben blessed to have the time and freedom to make music that pleases me. because I don't follow any sort of album format, or really try and market my music at all, I have the freedom to write the music I feel like writing at the time, and release it whenever I want to. Just for you, my dear listener. My music tends to be fairly bi-polar. From somber instrumentals, to songs about my vibrating phone making me happy in my pants, it kinda covers my whole emotional spectrum. As far as styles...well, you can see for yourself. Genre's are for wusses.