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Eugenia Krivitskaia
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play hi-fi  Toccata and Fugue in D minor (J.S.Bach )
play hi-fi  B.Pasquini (1637-1710). Toccata
play hi-fi  Toccata in D minor (M.Reger)
play hi-fi  J.B. Loeillet: Sonata. Largo cantabile
play hi-fi  J.B. Loeillet: Sonata. Allegro
play hi-fi  J.B. Loeillet: Sonata. Largo expessivo
play hi-fi  J.B. Loeillet: Sonata. Allegro II
play hi-fi  G.F. TELEMANN: Partita G-dur. Siciliana
play hi-fi  G.F. TELEMANN: Partita G-dur. Aria 1
play hi-fi  G.F. TELEMANN: Partita G-dur. Aria 2
Eugenia Krivitskaia was born in 1968 in Moscow. She belongs to the younger generation of Russian organists more and more actively and brightly manifesting their talent not only in Russia but also abroad. Her interpretation successfully combines European traditions with romantic lyricism and expression characteristic for the Russian performing school. In 1994 Eugenia Krivitskaia got a French government's grant and was trained in Paris at the National Superior Conservatory (CNSMD) where she studied French baroque organ music and the history of organ building in France, as well as attended an organ class by professor M.Chapuis. After a postgraduate course at the Tchaikovsky State Conservatory in Moscow Ms. Krivitskaia defended in 1997 a doctorate thesis on the history of French organ music. She took part in international master classes given in Z?rich (prof. Jean Guillou), Toulouse (prof. Kees van Houten), Moscow (prof. M.Chapuis) etc. Artistic Activity Eugenia Krivitskaia started her solo artistic activity while a student of the Moscow Conservatory. In 1991 she toured in Bulgaria and Poland where participated in Russian cultural festivals. In 1999 Ms. Krivitskaia took part in the May festival of Ancient Music in Moscow where she played French and Italian music of the beginning of the XVIII century. In December of 1999 Eugenia Krivitskaia participated in a series of concerts "The Oldest Organ in Russia" held at the Glinka Museum of Music Culture. She regularly gives concerts in Moscow and other Russian cities (Arkhangelsk, Yaroslavl, Krasnodar, Kaliningrad, etc.) Ms. Krivitskaia aspires to make original concert programs based on a united concept. In the concert program "Hommage a BACH" she presented organ music pieces including the symbolic motive BACH. The program "Chaconnes and Passacaglias for Organ" reflected a panorama of these genres from the XVII to the XX century. Eugenia Krivitskaia often plays in various instrumental ensembles, in a duet with viola, oboe, flute, trombone, etc. She has mastered a vast solo and chamber repertory from Frescobaldi, Buxtehude, Bach, Vivaldi to Liszt, Franck, Reger and modern Russian composers. At present, Ms.Krivitskaia luckily combines her music research with organ playing activity. She teaches history of foreign music at the Tchaikovsky State Conservatory in Moscow and gives there a special course "History of Musical Practice" on the music culture and instruments of Renaissance and baroque. Eugenia Krivitskaia also has an organ class at the Bach College in Moscow.
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