Chris Lombardi
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play hi-fi  Gone
play hi-fi  TellMeWhy
play hi-fi  Of All Reasons
play hi-fi  Romantic Summer Midnight
play hi-fi  Again and Again
play hi-fi  Bring Me to Life
play hi-fi  Honesty
play hi-fi  How About You
play hi-fi  ...and one last thing
play hi-fi  Built to Last
This is just a small solo project of mine. I record all the instrumental and vocal tracks for each song. I just like making music, whether it be by myself or with my band. This is just for fun.
Why this name?
It took a while to figure out, but I discovered that if I took my first name and put it before my last name...I got some thing cool: MY NAME! lol
Do you play live?
This is a recording project only.
Your influences?
Well, for this particular project:

Dream Theater (lighter stuff), Dave Mathews, Billy Joel, Marcus Miller, Foo Fighters, Ozzy (lighter stuff), John Mayer...haha, i know. A very "eclectic" group of artists
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