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Big Easy E
NEWS   Big Easy E - I have recently made some videos for some of my songs. They are on Youtube at bigeasye2011 channel. Meanwhile continuing to write new songs. New batch will be up soon.
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The moon he seems like a long lost friend
He follows me wherever I go
I've got these thoughts inside of me
That only he will know

Two feral cats stalk the midnight street
They arch up their backs for a fight
A desperate scene played out in t
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play hi-fi  I'M GONNA BE ALRIGHT
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play hi-fi  SO ELOQUENT
play hi-fi  YOU CAN DO NO WRONG
play hi-fi  LIFEBOAT
I'm a songwriter. I am writing and recording all the time. I am still trying to improve my songs, the production, my recording and playing skills. I have also started to make music videos so am learning basics of video to try to make better videos for my songs.
Why this name?
I'm from New Orleans aka The Big Easy. There was another Eric, Eric Wright, the rapper who went by Ezy E. He was also a virgo. It just kinda happened.
Do you play live?
Not at present. My most recent band played in the DC metro area. I love playing live but I have not been in a situation to play originals except at open mikes.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I can't think about the music industry. I just try to create the best music I can and try to make it as public as possible. In the end, I do it all for me. I am satisfied when I create a song and/or recording that fleshes out the vision for that song. To make money from that is still a dream. For me, the craft is a zen that is satisfying in itself.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I don't think a major label would have me. I wouldn't mind being involved with a good indie that I was comfortable with and I would not be indebted to. A win-win partnership would be nice.
Band History:
Please see my website at

Videos can be found on my Youtube station: Bigeasye2011
Your influences?
I listen to and enjoy almost anything musical. The first thing that hit me was rock music, then the blues. Funk from the 70's, soul from the 60's, classic country, anything with guitars. I love jazz but not a jazz player yet.
Favorite spot?
New Orleans, where I was born and raised. And Paris, where I once lived. Also love hanging out with my wife in Fells Point in Baltimore. You can walk a few blocks and its bar after bar with live bands for free or almost free. Baltimore has the same blue crab as Looziana so there is an affinity with New Orleans.
Equipment used:
My Fender Stratocaster has been my guitar for many years, later I bought a Gibson Les Paul and also a Danelectro electric 12-string. I have a Kawaii K-1 keyboard and record using Cubase with a Presonus converter and Universal Audio Solo 610 pre-amp. I'm on a small budget and do everything myself DIY.
Anything else...?
Be cool!
Big Easy E
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