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Mr Phlo aka Abstract Alphabet Animal :o)
UK Hip Hop influenced by Jehst, Canibus, Yungun, TaskForce, Sway, Phi Life Cypher, Lowkey, Doc Brown etc. Always with a message, rarely on the aggy tip.
Why this name?
Used to be Conflict but then Conflix was coming up so I changed 2 years ago so we didn't get confused. Every mc needs flow so I altered the PH and voila....Phlo. Then people started calling me Mr Phlo so I added that bit for the website.
Do you play live?
I've been involved with shows featuring the cream of uk talent such as jehst,TaskForce, Excalibah, Terrafirma,Skinnyman, Sway, Lowkey, Baron Samedi, AMMO, Yungun and Mr Thing, Blufoot, Infinite Livez, Mystro to name just a few!
Band History:
Your influences?
As I sai dbefore, more alternative with a message/theme than aggy flow. So less Klashnekoff and more Jehst or Chester P really. I like the complex stuff of Canibus but not on his level! I'm trying to incorporate the fun elements of Yungun without losing the complexity of say Cappo. Hows that for Search engine keywords :o)
Favorite spot?
Reading!!! Or Magaluf.
Anything else...?
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