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play hi-fi  Libesleid - Fritz Kreisler
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play hi-fi  Legend in g minor op. 17
In fact ,this is not a band because it is composed only by myself.I,as a violinist establish this website mainly because I want to communicate with each other from all over the world through music. I will upload some pieces played by myself at times,and expect to get the sincere advice from friends. I really cannot imagine my life without music at the centre.I always thank God for giving me this gift,and I believe that it carries with it the responsibility to use it generously.
Now my violin was made in Czechoslovakia 1951,it's a copy of Stradivarian violin.
Why this name?
I love the violin ,love the classical music world.
Do you play live?
of course.I played at many places,such as theater,in the open air,assembly hall,school,party of many organization...
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Yes,the anwser is affirmative.Through the internet,we can get more sources from the places all over the world. It makes me feel closer to the western classical music,which addicts me much especially the history,the biography of the composer,the more developed and better technique,etc from which I can rectify my mistake or be provented to go some tortuous path.
Your influences?
Jascha Herfetz,David Oistrakh,Milstern,Menuhin,the old generation,they sounder more human in those days.The human voice is the most beautiful sound of all,and if you listen to some of Milstein's records,he sounds as if he's just singing.
The young generation is also terrefic.Maxim Vengerov,Sarah Chang,Bell,Kenedy all are my idols.
Favorite spot?
Chengdu and Boston
Equipment used:
Now my violin was made in Czechoslovakia 1951,it's a copy of Stradivarian violin.
Anything else...?
You see,when we make music in front of people we are sort of naked with our feelings and with all our emotions.We cannot hide any more.
I think musical life is about exploring,is about finding something,creating something beautiful.It is always to grow and to find out about yourself-where are the limits?
To pick up a new piece of music is to open a new chapter in my life.As I learn the music I draw emotional feelings from it.I think there are no limits to what I can learn from music,and someday I discover that there are limits,maybe that's when I'll stop playing violin.
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