The Razzles
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The Razzles are positive power pop. The Razzles want to implant melodic hooks into your mind that will never go away. The Razzles want to save the planet through peace, love and all those wonderful hippie values. The Razzles love you unconditionally. The Razzles are that feeling a fifteen year old kid got on the day Sgt. Pepper was first released. The Razzles are painted in bright colors, and packed with fruit flavors. The Razzles are not nihilistic at all. The Razzles believe in unlimited human potential and happiness. The Razzles are driven by song structure. The Razzles are a band with all the Oooohs and Aaaahs intact. The Razzles love Brian Wilson's sensibilities. The Razzles love a good harmony. The Razzles are perfect for cranking up in your car during summer road trips with your best friends. The Razzles want to entertain you always.
Why this name?
"First it's a candy, then it's a gum
Little round Razzles are so much fun"
Remember the candy? I'd like to think my songs are like that- sweet on first listen, sticky like gum the more you think about the meaning...
Besides, it's 60s-70s sounding, like The Nazz, The Raspberries, The Beatles... it's the right number of syllables, dig?
Do you play live?
I'll be playing live soon in Seattle, Karaoke style, to my own backing tracks, in a tiny venue near you.
Band History:
The Razzles are a band that does not exist yet, except as a recording project by Seattle's Mark James Murphy. Mark was a bass player in a working band on the East coast, in the 80's, called Undercover. Before that he was in The Jealous Grandmothers and Midnite Snaxx. He began songwriting in the mid 80's, back when his haircut was a 'mullet'. Mark wishes he were Neil Finn, Paul McCartney, Glenn Tilbrook and Todd Rundgren, all rolled into one. Mark wants to be a 'star', with adoring throngs of fans and multi-million selling albums. But he'd certainly settle for half a dozen people who kind of like his songs, enough to listen to them twice. That's about it.
Your influences?
xtc, squeeze, beatles, todd rundgren, aimee mann, michael penn, the monkees, jellyfish, owsley, jason falkner, fountains of wayne, they might be giants, the tubes, utopia, crowded house, yes, dukes of stratosphear
Favorite spot?
Inside my skin
Equipment used:
PII350, 128 mb RAM, N-track Studio, FruityLoops Pro, Art & Lutherie acoustic guitar, Fender electric guitars, Yamaha bass, assorted percussion & samples
Anything else...?
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