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neuron nest
NEWS   January 21st 2006:
I'm singing/shouting in a punk/grime band at the moment. If you're into that kind of thing goto: to hear some of it.

There's several new tracks on here which sound different from the other stuff. 'Smile and everything's dandy', 'folktale', and other stuff.

March 21st 2005:
3 new tracks to download. A bit of a marathon session. Perhaps not new tracks for a while now. As before.

July 9th:
I've written 5 tracks for a CD that I will distribute and make available over the next couple of weeks. I do however want to write at least one more track for it, and I need to finish the cover work. Just keeping those watching informed!

May 19th:
Not long now, a week and two days and I can begin writing some more music! I have an idea in my head of the sort of thing I'm aiming for. Imagine neuron-nest.........the band, where the band members are screwed up little monsters playing in some jazz-venue. Anyway, we'll see where that goes. But I am looking forward to it.
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play hi-fi  Until the grave
play hi-fi  Folktale
play hi-fi  Damn the young
play hi-fi  Che's the new Gucci
play hi-fi  Smile, and everything's just dandy
play hi-fi  Blinking boxes
play hi-fi  Lullaby for youths not babies
play hi-fi  Sahara Snow
play hi-fi  Heisenberg 5 - New front brakes are dangerous
play hi-fi  Journey to Thalamous
neuron-nest. It's always changing. I started out using some freeware to play with and with that I pieced together these strange sounding narratives from film samples. But changing software and influences has led to me straying from the use of film samples and just writing music I haven't heard somewhere else, not that I had heard the film-samples-stuff.
Why this name?
neuron-nest is another name for what i originally called myself, '3pounduniverse'. Both mean the same thing, they're both metaphors for the brain.
Do you play live?
Nope. Although I did do a collaboration with band named Helme, you can find the stuff on I think he is working on live stuff and that includes the track we collaborated on.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It gives an opportunity for music (not mere products for consumers) to be heard by a larger audience. If you look around you can find some great stuff on the net which you just couldn't have heard in a previous time because such and such a band never venture out of their own town or whatever circumstances are pertinent. Yeah sure it increases piracy but the worst hit aren't really worth worrying about.
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